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The High Pope is a fictional character from the Manga of Saint Seiya written by Masami Kurumada .It is one of the traitors who are in the service of Hades Sanctuary, his reasons for betraying his comrades to a goddess or are unknown in history.


The Pope and leader of the sanctuary, in his temple where some youths were Dohko and Shion, Pope totaled two Bronze Saints to name them Gold Saints, giving them their new Cloth of Gold .

When Saori arrives from the future, after the send Chronos to the past like a baby in front of the statue of Athena that is in the trough of the Sanctuary, the Pope aperase a little later than the rest of the Gold Saints arrived the place, the decision to Saori baby in her arms and sent to other Gold Saints that were in place to guard their respective temples. Pope to see who had left, takes the golden dagger to try to kill Baby Athena, but stops because at that time as a meteorite Shun arrives des of the sky which was a strong earthquake in the Sanctuary. The Pope returns to its ready position to try to kill Baby Athena, but this time he is stopped by Shijima which takes away and takes her in his arms, at that time to receive Cardinale, which prepares his technique Blody Rose referring to the Pope as the traitor, Shijima  also revealing that he is a traitor.

At the time the Pope and Cardinale are distracted talking about why Virgo Saint is a traitor, Shijima takes this opportunity to flee the scene leaving only a trail of blood from his wounds, then Pope order Cardinale ready to chase him but he says there is nothing to worry because the Roses covering Pope Temple Road to the Temple of Pisces, the Pope to stand not so confident with this sends Cardinale to chase Shijima .

On the way to the Shrine Shijima when the Pope enters the Temple realizes he can not escape from the place, because the Pope activated Labyrinth of the Gods which says that even the gods can escape while asking Athena forgiveness found in his arms for being so weak.


Pope with the Golden Dagger trying to kill Athena in the future would therefore Saga gives enteder this character is inspired by it.