Pope Sage( 教皇セージ Kyōkō Sēji?)is the Pope in Sanctuary and the former Cancer Gold Saint. Sage and his twin brother Hakurei are the only Saints who survived the last Holy war and since then he has been planning his revenge against Thanatos and Hypnos due to the death of all his partners.


As Gold Saint

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Lost Canvas

Before war

When found Manigoldo .

Sage took over as Pope commissioned to rebuild the Sanctuary until the next Holy War and ceased to see his brother for 250 years, since it became the cloth repairer in Jamir .

Even with the distance were able to concentrate the whole time cosmos in Altar Cloth for when the time came to capture the twin gods in it.

A few years before the start of the new Holy War, Sage examined a village that had been attacked by the forces of Hades. There he found a boy who had been the only survivor, found living among the ruins of their village surrounded by the souls of dead people, who for some reason was able to see and understand. The child was a thief who barely survived among such desolation, and  admired death, thinking that life was rubbish. He attacked Sage with a knife, but he stopped him and explained that his life is rubbish, but part of the universe, and invites him to the Shrine. The child is Manigoldo who becomes the new apprentice of the Pope.

However, others think Manigoldo apprentices were soft because they did not know about despair. Sage as a lesson, sends his soul to the entrance to the underworld so you know that what you expect after death is not peace, but the kingdom of Hades, and that is why they face the god. After a while his master Manigoldo happen as Cancer Sage.

Holly War Begin

Trying to seal the soul of Hades .

Along with  Sasha faces Hades when this is presented in the Sanctuary.

After hearing that Pandora was sending murderers to kill Tenma gives the order to imprison him in Manigoldo Sanctuary to protect, after Tenma escapes the Pope is persuaded by his brother to not pursue, instead sends Manigoldo to protect. Then when Manigoldo is facing the death god Thanathos appears on the battlefield to help. During the previous Holy War to this, there were two gods beside Hades (Thanatos and Hypnos) who finished easily with the Gold Saints, but now after 200 years of concentrating his cosmos in  Altar Silver Cloth, seal the soul achieves Thanatos in Pandora's Box and sacrifices his life with Manigoldo to stop this terrible god. In the end his soul sent back the case to the shrine, giving it to Athena and entrusting their protection to his brother.

Lost Canvas (Manga)

The interwar I: pending Athena

During the next two centuries, Sage and Hakurei accumulate their Cloth Cosmos in the altar so that it is able to retain the time comes the soul of a Twin God.As Pope, Sage rebuilt the sanctuary and is involved in various ways in his life:

Date unknown, from 29 and 17 years before the Holy War: Sage says Sisyphus and Ilias latter indicates that they are half-brothers.

Date unknown, between 23 and 7 years before the holy war: he receives in audience Pisces Lugonis which makes it a request: when his disciple Albafica successor, he will send it to the Island the healer he meets his younger brother, Luco, whose talents might be able to remove the poison flowing in the veins of Albafica; Lugonis wish indeed that his disciple can be again one day proposed the same life choices: the way of ordinary people, or the Saints.

Date unknown, 25 and 5 years before the Holy War: Sage first met Manigoldo, which survives in the ruins of a village. He finds that the child is able to see the souls of the dead and control (albeit at a very low level probably). The young vagabond assaulted with a knife in an attempt to steal his necklace, but Sage prevents and manages to convince her to follow the Sanctuary so that it knows more about the existence and the Cosmos. The child accepts, becoming disciple Sage.

16 years before the Holy War: Sage attend the event in which Sisyphus gets the Cloth of Sagittarius. Ilias asked to pass a further test his disciple to doubts thereof, refer to the Oracle of Delphi. The Pope accepts and therefore sends the young Saint retrieve the manuscripts of the Holy War. Just after he meets with Saint Leo and he reveals that he noticed his lung disease.

Date unknown, between 22 and five years before the Holy War: Sage is responsible for completing the scholarship Thaw Aquarius, after driving it to Blue Graad.

Unknown date between 12 years and 5 years before the Holy War: Sage load Thaw provide regular care Scorpio Cardia, suffering from heart disease.

8 years before the Holy War: Sage sends Taurus Rasgado mission in Crete and Sicily, to prevent the awakening of Typhon and his Giants.

Unknown date between 6 and 5 years before the Holy War: Sage holds the promise he had made to Lugonis and sends Albafica on Island Healer.

Between the two World Wars II: Athena came and after

5 years before the Holy War

Sisyphus bring back Sasha, the young reincarnation of Athena to Sanctuary.

Very shortly after, Cardia takes its own initiative Sasha in South America, ignoring his true identity. Sisyphus request permission from the Pope to bring the goddess sacred area, but he asks her not to act, thinking that this trip will be beneficial to remove the doubts of the young god.

Sage receives a letter of appeal with Krest, and therefore sends his disciple investigating Thaw in France.

Sage sends Manigoldo to Venice investigate the criminal organization Nero, Avido, head of Nero and disciple denied by Hakurei, made ​​a brief foray into the Palace of the Pope, for the sole purpose of taunting.

3 years before the Holy War

Shortly after, he sends for the first time on a mission in Ireland on this occasion Sisyphus expressed his worries about his nephew and disciple, he considers immature. Sage reassured about the chances of success of the young Lion.

Meeting and attempted murder

2 years before the Holy War

In his palace , Sage chairing a meeting involving all the Gold Saints , in view of the impending Holy War.Shortly after , the most dramatic of his reign event occurs : Sage dream to appoint his successor as Pope and his choice would willingly Gemini Aspros. However , it has some reservations about him and , in order to clarify before the Holy War begins, it is a rumor that he had decided to appoint Sisyphus.

Aspros takes ill and therefore decides to take the place he had so long coveted by force : he sent his twin brother Deuteros - he placed under the influence of Mao genro Ken - assassinate the Pope in his palace but the latter - which meets the youngest of Gemini for the first time - easily foiled the attempt. Aspros then appears to play the role of savior and - excuse himself undertake the execution of his brother - tries to turn kill Sage by surprise.

Nevertheless, it also fails on either the intervention of Asmita (including Sage has hired for the occasion). Aspros then ordered his brother hypnotized to load Asmita, while he takes care of the master of the Sanctuary. Gemini Aspros severely thrashes Sage. However, a non-member provided nullified its disastrous projects Deuteros then manages to break free from the grip of partially genro Mao and Ken, pretending to complete the Pope turns his fist at the last moment, piercing chest his brother.

The beginning of the Holy War

Shortly before the beginning of the Holy War , Sage attends victory Tenma during his ordeal Saint , and gave him the Cloth of Pegasus.

Shortly there after, a part of the group of Silver Saints that he had sent reconnaissance mission in Italy is back to his report on the situation : it turns out that the entire troop was decimated and the trio posing in front of them was resurrected by the power of Hades to kill Athena. The Silver Saints then reveal their true new nature - and the Surplices they were awarded - before moving on to the attack.

They are nevertheless quickly defeated by Aries Shion and Libra Doko , present at the scene . The two Gold Saints , furious to have raise their hands on former companions , the Pope asking permission to conduct their own troops to the cathedral where the previous one was killed. Sage accesses their request.

In the night, Sage receives in audience Rasgado seriously wounded after his fight against the Banu Kagaho. Rasdago informed that all corpses spectra were brought inside the barrier erected What Athena to prevent their resurrection.

Shortly after, Alone attack the Sanctuary, going directly on the altar of Athena to confront Sasha. The Pope shows relatively late in the battle, and obviously intentionally: using his Talisman Cage, he managed to secure the receptacle of the soul of Hades. Nevertheless, he and Athena have little time to seal the spirit of God as they had expected, because Pandora interrupts their ritual.

Alone and unable to escape, but not without having initiated the creation of the ultimate and deadly work: The Lost Canvas. Sage understands that they have lost their last chance to release Alone in the grip of Hades.

Objective Twin Gods

Four days later, he received the viste of Hakurei, which is arranged to leave from Tenma towards the den Alone. In doing so, the Holy Altar has initiated their plan carefully prepared to put out of harm's Twin Gods. For its part, Sage told Manigoldo the task of protecting Tenma then locate Twin Gods, when they will occur inevitably attempt to get rid of Pegasus Tenma.

When his disciple reaches the residence of Gods Room and begins to confront Thanatos, the Pope not long to join him for assistance. Sage and Manigoldo lead a particularly violent fight. Combining their Seki Shiki Meikai Ha, they manage to disembody the God of Death. Manigoldo then sacrificed to destroy their opponent's borrowing body. It therefore decided to take possession of the carnal envelope Sage, which turns out to be a fatal mistake: the Pope has taken the effect of the Altar Cloth Cosmo sip before going into battle, including temporarily trapping Thanatos. Mad with rage, the god begins to destroy the body of Sage inside, but it was even time to accomplish its multi-centennial mission before dying and encloses the soul of his nemesis in a cassette it refers to the Sanctuary Cloth with his brother.


Sage makes two appearances "inanimate" after his death:

During the general offensive against the Saints Cathedral Alone uses his body to create an illusion of the Pope ordered his troops to launch an assault. The rear guard is fooled by the curse and decimated almost in its entirety.

At the beginning of the Battle of the Temples Stellar evil, the corpse of Pope sits on a throne in the Temple of Mars, remains a resurrected Aspros by Alone. The Saint Gemini destroyed the carnal envelope revenge.



  • Infernal Waves: With this attack the Holy Cancer triggers a series of waves or cosmic rings which can separate the soul of his opponent's body and sending it to Yomotsu Hirasaka
  • Talisman Cage, Sage Seals Uses marked with the blood of Athena, Vestiges of the Holy War of the fifteenth century, and imprisoning Thanatos Significantly Weakens in a circle of these artifacts.This attack is not your condition rekacionado former Holy of Cancer, is a technique developed specifically allows you to seal the gods with the seals of Athena.
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