Puppis Lacaille (船尾座(パピス)のラカーユ Papisu no Rakāyu is an aspirant to the status of Saint of Athena featured in Lost Canvas as a supporting role. Also, several Saints appear as subordinates to higher-ranking Saints. This subordinate to Capricorn El Cid appears in the manga with a small role but in the anime adaptation he has been given more space.

Anachronistic error

The constellation of Puppis (Ship's Deck) did not exist yet at the time of the Lost Canvas. It was introduced about twenty years later.


Capricorn Chapter

Creating pride Swords appears Same As His Father's Sword Pruebla freshly prepared when it breaks.

Later he is seen carrying swords Oxidaras when you feel the pressure of a sword Very serca of him when He sees his future Master of Capricorn El Cid when somprendidos by thugs after he decides to march one of the thugs is Herrido by the Cid.


Lacaille has a very brief appearance in the manga, accompanied by his peers,Pyxis Rusk and Vela Tsubaki , following the Cosmaos of El Cid, although he had ordered them to do nothing and wait quedno orders. When the Golden Knight expels Oneiros the World Of Dream with the help of Pegasus Tenma , Lacaille and colleagues are quick to help, but are quickly killed Onerios with a burst of energy, probably his technical Oracle of the Guardian


His story is more complete in the anime. In addition to Rusk and Tsubaki, Lacaille has a room called training partner Pakia , which everyone expects to become the right hand of Capricorn El Cid, but defects of the sanctuary the night before to get his armor for fear of dying in Holy War. Also shown in the anime as Lacaille and his companions have always wanted to help El Cid in their missions, but it always stops them. Disillusioned, try the friend of El Cid, Sagittarius Sisyphus intercede for them, but explains that Sisyphus does not leave them behind because they despise, but because he wants to protect them and avoid falling into their lifestyle, which keeps training to perfect, ignoring everything else.

Despite the orders of El Cid, Lacaille and his companions decide to follow when he goes to rescue the soul of Sisyphus to World of Dreams, witnessing how El Cid and Tenma Oneiros bring to the World of Dreams. They go to help in the battle despite knowing they are before a god, and attack using the Housing Argo, but Oneiros resists the attack as usual, and ends his life with the technique Guardian's Oracle, though Lacaille and colleagues are pleased to have fought alongside El Cid before he died.


  • Argo Howler: An attack that throws in with his fellow team, consisting of a powerful shock wave that explodes on contact with the target.


  • Lacaille means "quail" in French, but probably has more to do with the fact that it was the French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, cataloger for over ten thousand stars and forty-two astronomical objects, which divided the ancient constellation Argo Navis into three smaller constellations, one of which is the constellation of Popa.
  • As seen in "History", the emergence of Lacaille in the manga is very brief, to the point not mentioned your name, constellation, or rank. His name later appear in the anime version, its range as indicated by Silver Knight coloring your armor, because all Silver Cloth have the same silver coloring. Never specified in the constellation representing anime, but is indicated in the accompanying information leaflets that appear OVAs.
  • It is unknown the exact pronunciation of constellation used in The Lost Canvas, it is never named in the anime or the manga, and informational pamphlets appear in kanji, which read "Senbi Za", the Japanese name for the constellation de la Popa.
  • While the attack appears as Housing Argo in the anime, the official information pamphlets Howling call Argo, it is unknown whether a failure or as a correction to the anime.
  • In the manga Oneiros not give the name of the technique used to end Lacaille and others, unlike the anime, which uses the Guardian's Oracle.
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