Pyxis Rusk (羅針盤座のラスク Rashinban-za no Rasuku?) is Several aspirants to the status of Saint of Athena are featured in Lost Canvas in supporting roles. Also, several Saints appear as subordinates to higher-ranking Saints subordinated to Capricorn El Cid who appear in the anime adaptation only

Anachronistic error

The constellation of Pyxis (Compass) did not exist yet at the time of the Lost Canvas. It was introduced about twenty years later.



Rusk appears only briefly in the manga, accompanied by his peers, Puppis Lacaille and Vela Tsubaki when, disobeying the orders of El Cid of Capricorn to stay in the sanctuary until further notice, decide to go to El Cid when he goes in search of Soul of Sagittarius Sisyphus . When the trio met his Master, is fighting with Pegasus Tenma against God Oneiros , which kills them instantly with a descaraga energy.


His appearance in the anime is similar, but the story and character are enhanced. In addition to his two fellow Knights, mentions an old fellow named Pakia , who defected before receiving his armor, despite having completed the test successfully, for fear of dying in the Holy War was coming. In the anime explains that Rusk and his colleagues are eager to fight with his master, El Cid, but it always keeps out of their missions, to the extent that Rusk and other Sagittarius Sisyphus trying to intercede for them and convince El Cid to give them a chance, but explains that Sisyphus does not leave them behind because they despise, but because he wants to protect them and avoid falling into their lifestyle, which continues to train to perfect, ignoring everything else.

Disobeying the orders of El Cid of them to stay in the sanctuary as he rescued the soul of Sisyphus, Rusk and his companions follow their master, finding him when he and Pegasus Tenma Oneiros god drew to the World Of Dreams . Lacaille and Tsubaki are willing to help, but Rusk is afraid of dying. Tsubaki tells her that he too would have if he had at his side to their peers, but that they have nothing to fear. Tsubaki and Lacaille head for El Cid, and Rusk's still a few seconds later, after brave. The attacking trio Housing Oneiros with Argo, but God is not affected by technology, and defeat them in an instant with his technique Guardian Oracle . Rusk and his companions died soon after, but proud to be able to fight with his teacher at least once, before he died.


It is sometimes asserted that Pyxis is one of the parts into which Lacaille divided the former Argo Navis, but that is not the case. Lacaille divided Argo into three –Carina, Puppis and Vela. Pyxis is an additional constellation, and Lacaille showed it separately on his map and in his catalogue. The four stars that Lacaille labelled Alpha to Delta Pyxidis had actually been catalogued by Ptolemy as lying in or around the mast of Argo, but Bayer did not assign letters to them so Lacaille evidently felt free to appropriate them for his new constellation.


  • The only information about the name that seems to exist Rusk indicated that comes from the English, being used to name a type of dry, hard cookie that is given to babies and young children.

  • The appearance of Rusk in the manga is very brief, and does not mention his name, constellation, or rank. His name later appear in the anime version, its range as indicated by Bronze Saint coloring cloth, because the Bronze Cloth are the only ones with different colors to silver and gold of the other ranges. Never specified in the constellation representing anime, but is indicated in the accompanying information leaflets that appear OVAs.

  • It is unknown the exact pronunciation of constellation used in The Lost Canvas, it is never named in the anime or the manga, and informational pamphlets appear in kanji, which read "Rashinban Za", the Japanese name for the constellation the Compass.

  • While the attack appears as Housing Argo in the anime, the official information pamphlets Howling call Argo, it is unknown whether a failure or as a correction to the anime.

  • In the manga Oneiros not give the name of the technique used to end Lacaille and others, unlike the anime, which uses the Guardian's Oracle.


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