Reda (レダ, Reda) was in-training under Cepheus Albior alongside Andromeda Shun and Chameleon June. Like them, Reda fights with chain weapons.

Reda is the name of the brightest star in the constellation Aquila (Eagle). As in Japan the R and L have the same pronounciation, the name was often mistakenly transposed as Leda.


Reda is one of the students of Cepheus Daidalos at Andromeda Island, along with June, Spica and Shun. He is one of the candidates to obtain the Andromeda Cloth. The students fought to see who was worthy to wear the Cloth. At the start of the battle, Shun refused to attack his fellow students. Reda taunts Shun saying he is too is afraid to fight him. Shun says they could be seriously injured during combat, Reda says he is ready to become a Saint and is willing to do anything to get the armor of Andromeda.

Reda wraps his chain around Shun's neck and then begins to punch him in the stomach but Shun is able break the chain and attack. Shun retaliates with a chain attack of his own and defeats Reda. Shun attempted to see if Reda was injured, but his caused the other Saint to snap at him and pushes him away

Later isalnd is attacked by Scorpio Milo who believed the other Saints were traitors who helped Shun rebel against the Sanctuary. Reda was one of the few who escaped from the island, just before Milo destroyed it. Reda goes along with Spica to Japan with the intention of killing Shun and thus prove their loyalty.

When they find Shun, they attack him and try to overpower him, but Shun uses the Nebula Stream technique to overload their Cosmos and defeats them, resulting in Reda leaving with an injured eye. He was never seen again.


  • Double Nebula Chain (ダブル・ネビュラチェーン, Daburu Nebyura Chēn): An attack performed in tandem with Spica. The two use their chains to restraint their opponents before strangling them.

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