Revive! Legendary Hero (よみがえれ! 英雄伝説, Yomigaere! Eiyū Densetsu) is the first episode of the Saint Seiya anime. It was released on October 11, 1986 on TV Asahi.


Seiya was able to defeat Cassios in a battle for the Pegasus Cloth. After achieving that, Seiya is being chased by Shaina's henchmen and Shaina herself. Marin sensed that which she and Seiya are running away from them, but Shaina finds them which Shaina and Seiya are fighting each other. Due that Seiya does not want to attack a women, he defeated Shaina's henchmen instead, which that Shaina tells Seiya that she will wear her cloth and one day they will having a battle again, but Seiya hopes that will never happen. The next day, he is heading to go back to Japan with his Pegasus Cloth.


Seiya defeated Cassios

Seiya defeats Cassios.

A scene shows a battle between the Unicorn Saint and the Leo Saint, which the Unicorn Saint beating up the Leo Saint. Athena is still waiting for Seiya to participate for the tournament wondering why he is been taking so long to show up. In a old Colosseum, Seiya and Cassios are fighting each other for the Pegasus Cloth, which Cassios seems to win the battle. Marin tells Cassios that it is unfair to battle his opponents when he isn't ready. Shaina mocks Marin and tells Cassios to continue his job. When Cassios is about to cut Seiya's ear off, it happens that Seiya was the one who did it. Seiya is then about to defeat Cassios which he starts mocking him. Seiya uses the Pegasus Ryūsei Ken technique which defeats Cassios in battle.

Seiya's joy of obtaining the Pegasus Cloth

Seiya's joy of obtaining the Pegasus Cloth.

The Grand Pope tells Seiya that Athena has chosen him as the new Saint, which Seiya have obtained the Pegasus Cloth. The Grand Pope warns Seiya that he never must use the cloth of his own purpose. Shaina seems to be mad at Seiya that he obtained the Pegasus Cloth instead of her student Cassios. Much later, Seiya is trying to open the Pegasus Cloth box but got shocked by Marin's appearance. Marin tells Seiya that he must not open the Pegasus Cloth box without a reason. Marin then feels a strange presence which the two are start running off. It turns out that Shaina's henchmen are chasing Marin and Seiya for the Pegasus Cloth. Seiya wonders why they are running, which Marin explains Seiya why and suddenly stops which Seiya asking Marin why they are stopping with running. Shaina then appears, Seiya tells Shaina that he has beaten Cassios in a fair fight. Shaina talks to Marin to let him have Seiya or do she wants to save him.

Seiya with the Pegasus Cloth

Seiya with the Pegasus Cloth.

Marin then walks away telling why she wants to save him. She then sits down and tells Seiya that if he wants to go to Japan he has to defeat Shaina. Shaina attacks Seiya with Thunder Claw. Shaina releases another blow of Thunder Claw, but Seiya uses his Pegasus Ryūsei Ken technique, but Shaina dodges the technique saying that she can read Seiya's punches. Shaina uses Thunder Claw again which fatally struck Seiya. Seiya then reaches out for the box and opens it which Seiya sees the Pegasus Cloth. Seiya touches it which he and the cloth becomes one. Shaina is still looking for Seiya, which she feels a powerful Cosmo all around her. Seiya attacks Shaina, which she is believes that Seiya is attacking her. After seeing Seiya with the cloth, she then starts to attack Seiya to look if the cloth and Seiya are really together.

Shaina's true face

Shaina's true face.

The two are fighting together seeing Shaina's punch towards Seiya's stomach. Shaina then tells that Seiya can't use the Pegasus Cloth well. Shaina then starts to kick Seiya several times, which Seiya notices that the Pegasus Cloth is very heavy to wear. Seiya then wonders why the cloth became useless to him even beforehand he launches powerful punches towards Shaina. Shaina keeps attacking him. Marin explains Seiya about the usage of the cloth, which Shaina keeps attacking Seiya. Shaina seems to have defeated Seiya, which Marin keeps explaining Seiya about his strength and the cloth. After Shaina tells Seiya to rise his Cosmo, Seiya responds by saying that he will never do that to strike a women, but Marin points him out that Shaina has claws. Shaina then wanted to finish Seiya with Thunder Claw, but her henchman arrives starting to attack Seiya. Seiya attacks them which ending up breaking Shaina's mask.

Seiya's farewell

Seiya's farewell.

Shaina is surprised that Seiya's Pegasus Ryūsei Ken technique is being that powerful, evenly able to break her mask. Seiya is surprised to see Shaina's face, though he expected that she had more the face of a demon. Shaina tells Seiya that the next time they meet again, she will wear her cloth against him and that he should put his strength into it the next time. Seiya responds by saying that if that happens, he would like to avoid it as much as possible. The next day, Marin tells what has happened in the past six years of Seiya's training in Greece with her and tells him that his battle has just begun. Marina asks Seiya why he wants to bring back the cloth to Japan. Seiya tells Marin that he will tell her if he let him showing her face.





Anime-Manga differences

  • In the manga, Seiya was actually trying to fled from the Colosseum, but Marin found him in the end. In the anime, that scene was left out.
  • In the manga of the Sain Seiya series, you could see the face of Marin, but in the anime they left that out.


  • (Seiya to Cassios) "Didn't you get it? You're the one who isn't qualified."
  • (Seiya to Cassios) "You only have the external strength of a Saint. Have you ever felt the universe within you?"
  • (Marin to Seiya) "Seiya. The universe we are in was created about fifteen billion years ago. Feel the explosion of the Big Bang within your body! Its the same as the creation of the universe; which is your Cosmo."
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