Sagitta Ptomely (矢座(サジッタ)のトレミー, Sajitta no Toremī) is the Silver Saint of the Sagitta constellation.


Ptolemy is a Silver Saint that follows the orders he is given. When the four Bronze Saints along with Athena arrive at the Sanctuary he is there to greet them in disguise. At first he tells them what will be awaiting them inside the 12 Temples. But as soon as they come into the vicinity of the Aries temple he reveals himself and attacks them with a shower of phantom arrows.

Ptolemy death

However, the Bronze Saints realize they are all illusions and Seiya easily defeats him. There is yet only one golden real arrow that he shot, which hits Saori right in the chest. Before he dies, he tells them they must reach Pope Ares in less than 12 Hours so that he can remove the arrow before it pierces Saori's heart.

Sagitta Maya

As Sagitta Maya had been designed for the first theatrical movie of Saint Seiya by the series creator Masami Kurumada, it didn't take long until he incorporated him in the story. Even though Maya survived a bit longer in the movie, they both ended up defeated by Pegasus Seiya.


  • Phantom Arrow (ファントムアロー, Fantomu Arō):


  • Sagitta Ptolemy's name is frequently mistranslated and misspelled by translators, in the manga and the anime, as Tremy. This is due most likely to lack of knowledge about Greek names, since most of the time they fail to romanize it correctly as Ptolemy, and because the Japanese pronunciation for Ptolemy is "Toremi".
  • Similarly to Lyra Orphee and Lyra Orpheus' case, Masami Kurumada designed a character for the first movie that also bore the Sagitta constellation and wore the Sagitta Cloth, Maya. Since the events in the first movie are non-canonical in Kurumada's true manga plot, the true incarnation of the Sagitta Saint is Ptolemy, as he also appeared in The Lost Canvas, in his incarnation in the 18th century called simply Sagitta. He is also easily killed by the high ranked Specters and turned into a Specter himself.
  • Masami Kurumada named him after the famous Greek/Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy, who included the Sagitta constellation in his list of 48 constellations, the Almagest.
  • Kurumada showed Ptolemy's grave in the Hades arc of his manga, among the tombs of other deceased Silver Saints.
  • Sagitta's constellation name is the word for "arrow" in latin, and the root of the spanish word "Saeta", a synonym for the word "Flecha", both words mean arrow in spanish.


  • Saint Seiya manga vols.8 & 13, by Masami Kurumada.