Sagittarius Aiolos (射手座(サジタリアス)のアイオロス, Sajitariasu no Aiorosu) is one of the Gold Saints.

Personality and background

Masami Kurumada introduced Aiolos in chapter 24 of his manga, contained in vol. 6.

He is one of the 12 Guardians of Sanctuary, with the Sagittarius as his destined constellation. Aiolos is the famous Gold Saint who died protecting Athena when she was an infant.

Aiolos always was a paradigm of righteousness, seen as the perfect Saint and one of the two Gold Saints who could succeed Aries Shion as the next Pope of Sanctuary and the chosen one.

Not much is known about Aiolos, since he died before the main story began. More of him is seen in Saint Seiya Episode G, like his relationship with Garan, a servant of his young brother, Leo Aiolia, who once trained with Aiolos for the Sagittarius cloth.

Despite his condition, Aiolos managed to help the main characters many times sending his cloth to aid them.

Aiolos is probably named after the Greek god of Wind, Aeolus.

Chronology (Episode G)

Aiolos with Aiolia.

Somewhere in Egypt, Aiolos defeats a group of soldiers of Ra . Meanwhile in the region of Nubia, south of Aswan, Miko Hasegawa , an archaeologist, waits for his guide, who comes after four hours late and is presented as Rius. Rius archaeologist leaves near the Aswan Dam with a boy named Leo, she has found the entrance to the ruins looking but needs help to get permits Rius Egyptian government. Meanwhile Rius meets Galarian Steiner , who tells him that are allowed only for tonight. A creature comes out of the opening that Miko found, but is easily destroyed by the attack of Leo.

Miko and Leo go to the ruins that are full of water, but they are worn by this. Several other creatures rise but Leo the Lightning destroyed using a Plasma. Archaeologist finds a black coffin and realizes that the liquid is Ichor, seal the coffin was broken when the dam was built and various creatures have absorbed conviritendose Icor monsters. When Leo is about to be overwhelmed is saved by Aiolos, who explains the situation. Ichor of wakes Apophis , but is defeated by the golden arrow of Aiolos. After the Saints and Miko leave the Ruins, Pontos stands the coffin.


A ship sinks at sea. The only survivor of the shipwreck is a guy named Current Okeanos who awakens in a small boat accompanied by a winged man completely covered in black cloth. Cliff believes he has died and who is accompanying the God of Death and is carrying on his boat to the other world, the enigmatic winged being surrounded by lights that are souls implies, and also around it and the boat the storm and rain dissipate leaving the sea in tranquility.

In the conversation, the winged Current Okeanos explains that he is not dead, but he is the only person who could

Aiolos his golden arrow pointing to the giant Typhon

save shipwreck. Cliff's father drowned in the sinking orphaning him and his little brother, whose mother had died long ago. It is also revealed that the cause of the supernatural storm is Typhonn , a Greek mythological monster farrowed Gea revenge for Zeus by the death of Cronos .Typhon is described as being of titanic proportions, whose shoulders reached the sky, the stars hid his head and his arms could grab the world has a breath of lightning and fire, born of her hair hundred dragons and half of the body has a giant snake, feathers covering its body produces fierce winds and their strength is such that it can easily destroy mountains.

This beast was sealed by Zeus in Sicily under Mount Etna, but after so long the hallmark of Zeus Typhoon has lost power and is returning to this world. It is revealed then that the "God of Death" is a warrior sent back to enclose. The figure looks Thphon diffuse through the storm and soon launch its fiery breath on the warrior, revealing that this is Aiolos Sagittarius.

Given the magnitude of the fearful power of Typhoon Cliff resigned to dying, however Aiolos protects you and tells you the strength of the desire of humans makes them infinitely strong and the cosmos of his father's protecting. So with the renewed hope of Cliff Aiolos Typhoon passes through the body with his golden arrow laden cosmos itself and surrounding souls.

When dying again Typhon the sky clears and the storm ceases, Aiolos has mysteriously disappeared while the boat comes to rescue Cliff, who swears on behalf of golden-winged Warrior become as strong as his father to protect his brother.


Later, there was the fact that Galan was sentenced to death in the Sanctuary. This was because he stole Icor so save his mother who was ill. Warrior's last wish was that he murdered his best friend in combat Sagittarius Aiolos. The Golden Ghost accessed and have a tough battle that Gallant lost his arm and his eye after the fight the warrior is forgiven and agrees to be the bearer of Leo Aiolia .


Aiolos rescuing the little Athena.

Aiolos appears in the first chapter, which tells a prologue again as rescue Athena from the hands of Saga of Gemini, who tried to kill her with the golden dagger. Then comes only in memories, remember the fight Shura both had and where Aiolos receives Excallibur full blinding the Capricorn Shura with blood gushed from the wound. And always appears in the memories you have Aioria, where his brother taught him not only how to be a Gold Saint, but as a good man in life.

Chronology (86)

Aiolos saving infant Athena

When Aiolos was 14 years old, he, along with fellow gold saint Gemini Saga, were summoned to Pope Shion's throne room for an audience. There, the Grand Pope revealed that their goddess had once again reincarnated in the form of an infant, and so the Sanctuary must prepare itself for the imminent wars. As Shion himself was getting on in years, he decided that it was time to appoint one of the twelve Gold Saints as the successor to his seat. At the time, most of the Gold Saints were still too young; only Gemini Saga and Sagittarius Aiolos were most qualified. The Pope eventually selected Aiolos as the new Pope, and asked Saga to serve as an assistant to the Sagittarius Saint.

Saga, possessed by his evil side, became jealous at the fact that he was not chosen for the seat, especially since he believed that he was superior to Aiolos in terms of power and wisdom. Saga confronted Shion regarding his decision and killed him. He disguised himself with the Grand Pope's garments, and left to kill the infant Athena. Inches before Saga could dig the golden dagger into the baby's belly, Aiolos appeared and halted the blade from striking the death blow. The Sagittarius berated the man he assumed to be the Pope, but was quickly shoved aside. After a minute of struggle, Aiolos sent Saga flying into the nearest wall, knocking off his headdress and mask. Upon seeing Saga's face and realizing that Saga had killed the Grand Pope, Aiolos immediately snatched away the infant Athena and ran off from Sanctuary. Saga, disguised as the Pope once more, sounded the alarm and sent guards to go after the saint. It is at this point that he officially branded Aiolos as a "traitor". He was eventually found by Capricorn Shura and managed to flee, but was deadly injured, because he did not want to use his full power aganist his comrade in arms.

As he was dying, he ran into Mitsumasa Kido, who was touring Greece at the time. Aiolos begged the elder Kido to become Athena's new guardian, and explained to him the travesty that had taken place at the Sanctuary. Along with other secrets, Kido learned about the existence of Athena's Saints and their Cloths. Entrusting the elder Kido with Athena and his own Sagittarius Gold Cloth, Aiolos succumbed to his injuries. It is unknown as to where exactly Aiolos died and buried, as the whereabouts of the location is omitted in the series.

The Sanctuary saga

Aiolos' message

After his death, Aiolos' spirit would provide assistance for Athena and her Saints. He has aided Seiya in battles by lending the young bronze saint the Sagittarius Gold Cloth time and time again, and even appeared once to his brother Aiolia during Aiolia's fight with Seiya, when he demanded proof of Saori's identity as the goddess Athena. When the bronze saints were in the Temple of Sagittarius, the Sagittarius Cloth moved on its own (or with Aiolos' spirit), and fired its golden arrow into a nearby wall—revealing a final hidden message of the gold saint's last will: "To you young boys who have reached this temple, know that I entrust Athena's life in your hands. Aiolos." It is likely that Aiolos foresaw that one day, new Saints would go to his temple to fight for Athena.

Chronology (Hades OVAs)

When Athena's saints were once again fighting against Hades's spectres, all the Gold Saints, both dead and alive, gathered in Hades' room to break the Wailing Wall. Only with sunlight can the wall be destroyed, and because each individual gold cloth contained a bit of solar energy, gathering all twelve would provide enough of it to properly damage the wall. At this point, the spirit of Aiolos appeared with the rest of the recently deceased Gold Saints to aid their comrades in accomplishing this task. Focusing on a single point of the Wailing Wall, Aiolos guided all twelve gold saints' individual attacks into one, and struck the wall. Once the mission was completed, Aiolos and the rest of the gold saints dissipated, leaving only the gold cloth behind

Techniques and abilities

Although Aiolos' moves were not shown in the original manga, there are nevertheless multiple techniques that were attributed to him in other mediums: one in the anime adaptation, Episode G, and Episode G Assassins.

  • Atomic Thunderbolt (アトミックサンダーボルト, Atomikku Sandāboruto): Aiolos shoots a massive amount of energy balls with some electric charge. This attack is from the anime, and was revealed during a flashback fight against Capricorn Shura.
  • Infinity Break(インフィニティ・ブレイク,, Infiniti Bureiku): This technique allows Aiolos to shoot an infinite number of light darts that pierce anything upon contact. With this attack, Aiolos destroyed Horus' army in Saint Seiya: Episode G.
  • Shadow Arrow (シャドウアロー, Shadou Arō): Aiolos throws an invisible arrow at his opponent's shadow to immobilise them. This technique's debut and only appearance was in the prequel manga Saint Seiya Episode Zero in which he uses it against both Pisces Aphrodite and Capricorn Shura.
  • Lightning Plasma (ライトニングプラズマ, Raitoningu Purazuma): Aiolos generates multiple small weak plasma energy which travel at least at the speed of light. If he is using the maximum power of his cosmos, the technique allows Aiolos to fire up to at least 1 billion rounds of plasma per second at his opponents (this exceeds the speed of light several times). From the view of his opponent, he would see himself trapped in a net formed from rays of light.
  • Flash Over (全路破壊(フラッシュオーバー), Furasshu Ōbā): Aiolos outstretches his hand upwards launching thousands of rays of Lightning Plasma to collide with each other emitting destructive sparks.
  • Arc Plasma (電弧放電(アークプラズマ), Āku Purazuma): After executing Flashover Aiolos launches Lightning Plasma with his free hand, concentrating the sparks and Rays to form an sphere around himself.
  • Lightning Flame (厳霊乃焔(ライトニングフレイム), Raitoningu Fureimu): Aiolos with arms outstretched toward the center of center of the sphere concentrates on all the sparks of Plasma Arc to create a loop which is then thrown against the opponent that surrounds it, which exceed the limits of the power of lightning, producing high voltage flames that destroy the opponent's body.
  • Lightning Bolt (ライトニング・ボルト, Raitoningu Boruto): Aiolios strikes the air at an extremely fast speed to break the atmosphere and create a vacuum, to then fire a powerful ball of energy to the speed of light. This is a sphere of great destructive power that moves at the speed of light and explodes on contact with the adversary.
  • Lightning Implosion (雷光爆縮(ライトニングインプロージョン), Raitoningu Inpurōjon): Is a technique in which Aiolos forces Sphere of Lightning to implode upon itself and emit numerous destructive sparks.
  • LIghtning Void (厳霊乃虚無(ライトニングボイド), Raitoningu Boido):
  • Lightning Telios (厳霊乃極(ライトニングテリオス), Raitoningu Teriosu): Aiolos compresses the lightning within his body to the limit to then release all of the pressure at once within the body of his opponent with an strike. Rays of lighting course through the victim's body until exiting in the color of the victim's blood.
  • Genrō Majin Ken (幻朧魔神拳, lit. "Mysterious Devil Punch"):

Aiolos' cloth, Sagittarius Cloth, is armed with a bow and a golden arrow. This arrow is often depicted as the main weapon of the series and gives the final blow in four of the five movies of the series when used by Pegasus Seiya. It was hinted on the original series and confirmed in Saint Seiya Episode G that the golden arrow can concentrate the Cosmos of those surrounding it if they wish. Although never shown fighting during the manga, it's easy to understand that his power as a Gold Saint is impressive, by the fact that he is a candidate to the role of the Pope rivaliring Saga himself. The Official Encyclopedia states he has a fighting ability equal to Saga and the Meikai Hen Gold Saint Files define him to be even stronger. He is also stated to be the strongest Gold Saint of his generation several times in Saint Seiya Episode G, though he tells Saga in Saint Seiya Episode Zero that Saga surpasses him in power. Sure is that as a Saint he is veiled by an aura inspiring power and respect.

Cloth, constellation and Temple

Aiolos's guardian constellation is Sagittarius, and his Gold Cloth represents it and its associated myth : The centaur Chiron aiming its bow at Scorpio. Though it is also widely associated to simply a Centaur. For the other, Pholus is associated to the Centaurus constellation.

The temple he guarded was known both in manga and the anime adaptation as JinBaKyū, literally the "Centaur Temple".

Predecessor and successor

Predecessor : Gestalt (Next Dimension), Sisyphus (The Lost Canvas)

Main Article: Sagittarius Gestalt
Sagittarius Sisyphus

Successor : Seiya

Main Article: Sagittarius Seiya (Omega)

Other media

In the Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas sidestory, the Sagittarius Saint in the 18th century was known as Sagittarius Sisyphus. In its canon equivalent Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, however, his predecessor is instead Sagittarius Gestalt.

In the manga Saint Seiya Episode G, parts of Aiolos' past were revealed. He was a friend of Garan's, who eventually became a servant for his younger brother, Aiolia. Garan and Aiolia once had a stand-off, after the Gold Saint caught him attempting to steal Athena's holy blood. Other pieces of Aiolos' past include him destroying Typhon's spirit as it awoke; as well as single-handedly defeating the Sun Army, Horus' warriors. In various parts of Episode G, Aiolos' spirit appears from time to time to guide his little brother. In a flashback, it was Aiolos who forbid Aiolia to use a newly developed attack, the "Photon Burst", as he deemed it to be too dangerous of a technique.

In the spinoff series, Saint Seiya Omega, Seiya has been recognized as the inheritor of the legendary Sagittarius Gold Cloth and the title of Gold Saint.

Since both Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas and Saint Seiya Episode G are not authored by Masami Kurumada, their status as canon is unknown.



  • As revealed by Masami Kurumada in vol.12 of his manga, Aiolos became a Gold Saint at an early age. He had already been granted the Gold Saint status and the Sagittarius Gold Cloth before the time he was 14 years old.
  • His name is a derivation of the name Aeolos (Αἴολος) or Aeolus, the ruler of the winds, an ancestor of Greek after the big flood in Greek Mythology.
  • Kurumada stated that Aiolos represents the avatar of Kurumada's own elder brother.