Sagittarius Gestalt (射手座のゲシュタルト, Sajitariasu no Geshutaruto) is one of the 88 Saints Athena known as the Saints who protect their goddess through the different generations in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. Gestalt is also one of the 12 Gold Saints that is protected by the constellation Sagittarius and is therefore the Cloth.


Gestalt is the Knight of the eighteenth-century Sagittarius constellation, predecessor of Aiolos of Sagittarius. He meets the ninth house with Cygnus Hyoga (who is carrying the little poisoned Saori/Athena), who has come there because he has to reach the Temple of Ophiuchus in order to save Saori's life. Gestalt however the obstacle attacking it with the golden arrows of the Sagittarius, wounding it in various points of the body. As a child Gestalt was transformed into a centaur by Odysseus, after the young boy asked him to bring back to life his beloved horse, Tanya, who died shortly before. Only years later Gestalt discovers, thanks to the little Saori who frees him from deception, that in reality his centaur aspect was the result of an illusion created by Odysseus, who manipulated his mind. At the end she recognizes Saori as the Goddess Athena and allows her to cross the ninth house together with Hyoga.


  • Arrow Sagittarius: Gestalt hits the opponent with numerous golden arrows.
  • Arrow of the Goddess (女神 の 矢 Megami no ya): Like the previous knights of Sagittarius, Gestalt is in possession of a special sacred arrow donated by the goddess Athena in the mythological era, called the "arrow of the Goddess", a divine arrow.


The name "Gestalt" derives from a branch of psychology the Gestaltpsychologie (psychology of form or representation).