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Sagittarius Seiya
Sagittarius Seiya Profile
Japanese サジタリアスの星矢[1]
Romanization Sajitariasu no Seiya
Alias(es) Sagittarius Saint
General Information
Classification Gold Saint of Athena
Deity Athena
Cloth Sagittarius Cloth Stone
Sagittarius New Cloth
Black Cloth
God Cloth
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Constellation Sagittarius
Evil Star
Cosmoenergy Golden
Abilities shown Atomic destruction
Light manipulation
Named techniques Pegasus Ryūsei Ken
Atomic Thunderbolt
Cosmic Star Arrow
Items used
Biographical Information
Age 38 years (season 1)
39 years (season 2)
Race Human
Gender Male
Place of birth Japan
Place of training Athena's Sanctuary, Greece
Place of death
Blood type B
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Birthday December 1
Height 173 cm
Master Eagle Marin
Debut Omega: Episode 1, Chapter 1
Appearances Omega: Animation
Omega: Manga
Omega: Ultimate Cosmo
Japanese voice Tōru Furuya
English voice
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Sagittarius Seiya (射手座の星矢, Iteza no Seiya➝サジタリアスの星矢, Sajitariasu no Seiya) is the Sagittarius gold saint in Saint Seiya Omega. In this era, he can harness the Cosmo energy element of light.


The former wearer of the Pegasus Bronze Cloth, Seiya is revered as a Legendary Saint in the millieu of Omega. Having defended Athena in the past from powerful enemies, Seiya once again takes flight in his mission to protect Athena assisted by the Sagittarius Gold Cloth.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)

First Holy War Against Mars

1st Mars War Bronze Saints

The Legendary Saints arrive.

During the period of peace that followed after the Holy War against Hades, the God of War Mars and his Martians army invade the Earth, until he confronted Athena and the Legendary Bronze Saints. Now officially wearing the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, Seiya takes up to the challenge with his companions to defend love and peace once more.

Rómulo vs Seiya

Seiya engages Romulus.

During their first encounter, a dark cosmo-charged meteor mysteriously fell on the battlefield, momentarily ending the threat posed by Mars. The meteor brought a mysterious power which resonated with Athena's Cloth. The collision caused a shift change in all of the Saints cloth, enabling them the ability to use the seven elements and compacting them into small gems called Cloth Stones. A new legend of the Saints had begun.

Second Battle Against Mars

Tumblr mk4w2jOWYw1r67ua7o1 1280 (1)

The Legend of the Pegasus.

Unfortunately for the Saints, the meteor also granted Mars and his army with the new power. With his new armor "Galaxy" and the ability to control the element of Darkness, Mars and his warriors return to face Athena and the Saints again. Mars attacked Sanctuary in hopes of trying to capture Athena, who was raising the infant who would later become Pegasus Kōga. He manages to inflict Athena with the "dark wound", before Seiya intervened.

Seiya clashes with Mars

Seiya engaged the God of War in combat, clashing on equal ground in terms of power. Finally, with the arrival of the rest of the Legendary Bronze Saints, Seiya manages to win and seal Mars. But it was later revealed that Seiya had leaped into the darkness Mars contained within himself, as to become a last resort when Mars could no longer harbor it. Because of the power of Darkness Mars had attained, most of the Saints who had faced him acquired "dark wounds", preventing whoever marked with be consumed by darkness if burning their Cosmo, effectively preventing them from fighting. When Seiya is released from the shackles of darkness on Mars, he is shown to have several of these scattered across his body.

Third Battle Against Mars

180px-Cap13 28

Seiya's spirit appears, entrusting Athena to new a generation.

During the brief period of peace that came after the sealing of Mars, Seiya is shown to have disappeared. Thirteen years later, Athena delivers the Pegasus Cloth to Kouga. Mars finally breaks free from his seal and goes to capture an unprotected Athena. Seiya, in turn, uses his Cosmo to teach Kouga, the Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken and explains to him more about Cosmos.

While attempting to rescue Aria and Athena in Sanctuary, Leo Mycenae and Mars are able to defeat all the young Saints. About to end Kouga's life, Mars is stopped by his surprise of the brief return of Seiya's spirit, who soon notices that his power is nearly extinguished. With his last bit of strength, Seiya proclaims that he will not let the young saints' perish, and the two rivals clash. The resulting signature attacks from the two creates an extremely large explosion, with Seiya looking at Kouga before being consumed by its force. With Seiya's intervention, the young Bronze Saints escape with their lives from the Tower of Babel.

Seiya is then seen again after the destruction of the Wind Ruin. Using his last remnants of Cosmo, Seiya manages to send a message by the Pegasus Constellation to Kouga and the other Bronze Saints telling them that "To you, I entrust Athena". After the message, Medea relates to Mars that Seiya's Cosmo has completely vanished.

Seiya's Return

Episodio 50 Omega

Seiya's revival and Brands of Darkness

The "Final" battle to save the Earth led the Bronze Saints to Mars, where Kōga finds himself possessed by Abzu, the God of Darkness. In turn, it is revealed that Seiya was being imprisoned for an indeterminate time in the depths of the red star, with his body covered and chained in Brands of Darkness. Mars regretted having been consumed by the darkness, protected Seiya so that Abzu wouldn't possess him. He had kept Seiya alive to serve as a last resort, to continue the fight against the darkness in the case where was no longer able to contain it.

With the cosmo of Aquila Yuna, Lionet Sōma, Dragon Ryuho, Wolf Haruto and Orion Eden, combined with the remnants of Athena's scepter, the chains binding Seiya are broken. Seiya hastens back to the surface and prevents Abzu from killing Saori. With the help of Yuna, the only Bronze Saint to be standing still, they finally managed to release the Pegasus Saint from Abzu's possession.

Unfortunately, the respite is short-lived. Abzu fled the scene into an enormous black hole and kidnapped Saori. Seiya transfers the Sagittarius Gold Cloth to Kōga who is the only Saint still untouched by the darkness, to leap into Abzu's darkness and put an end to the battle once and for all. When Koga manages to free Athena, he throws her to the ground before Abzu can retake her. Finally, once Kōga had defeated Abzu, a purifiying rain of light pours throughout Earth, cleansing people with Brands of Darkness finally having protected the love and peace in the world once more.

Mars-Hen ( Manga Vers. )

The manga is an adaptation of the second season of the anime, the return of Mars here has no other purpose than to introduce the character Kōga. But if the first season is not addressed in the manga, it does not mean that the events associated (defeat Mars and Abzu) have not taken place, quite the contrary.

Thus, the first chapter - which fits roughly speaking, the first episode of the series - a good indicator that Seiya saved Kōga.

Readers can therefore consider that the manga and the second season of the anime share a common past, but later deviate from each other.

Chronology (Pallas-Hen)

New War

Ōgon no Tanken

The infamous Golden Dagger

After the struggle against Abzu, a new danger threatens Athena. Pallas , Athena's younger sister and Goddess of Love, is about to make her comeback on Earth. On Athena's orders, Seiya must kill Pallas, armed with the infamous Golden Dagger of a previous Gold Saint. However, he meets a young girl who begins to shed tears, ready to accept her fatal sentence. Torn between his duty and his feelings, the Gold Saint can not resolve to stain his hands with the blood of a child. It is at this point where the Pallasite Titan appears to prevent Pallas' death. After a brief scuffle, the latter carries the child, leaving Seiya alone with his remorse. His hesitation for Athena and her Saints has lead to a new war. Once back at the Sanctuary, Seiya reported to Athena to apologize for not killing her sister Pallas. Still feeling remorse by what just happened, Seiya was convinced that he was no longer worthy to be a Gold Saint. Saori managed to comfort him and asked him to forgive her for having faced such an experience. The Saint and his Goddess' cause of concern did not waver as they stand to close to each other. Pleased, Seiya renews his oath and promises that he will protect Saori, which is a promise that the He reiterates shortly after to Kōga, during his visit to the Sanctuary.

Some time later, while Pallasites attack people around the world, Athena dreams to go to end the conflict that Seiya previously refused. Finally, Athena summoned her Saints to prepare for the coming war. During her speech, Pallas' braclet begins to drain Athena's life force, making her fall. Seiya acts quickly to catch her. Shortly after the death of Genbu , Seiya vows that he will not hesitate any longer, and will finally join in the war against Pallas. Not long after Seiya travels to a now besieged Pallasbelda and meets with the other bronze Saints. Now  with Athena on site , the legendary Saint comes easily to rout the enemy . Once the danger has passed , Seiya stays with Saori and assists the Bronze Saints to the location of the hideout of Pallas: the fortress of Pallasbelda.

Battle Of Pallas Belda

Prior to storming the premises. Seiya carried the weakened Athena back to her resting chambers, then vows that he will not hesitate any longer, and takes the Golden Dagger from it's box, determined to use it. Seiya then joined Pallas Belda , accompanied by some Silver Saints and Steel Saints. There, he and his friends found Kōga then opens the way to destroying the city gate . Nevertheless, many Pallasites soldiers stand in the way of the Saints. Seiya decides to create a diversion to allow his companions forward.

Thereafter, the Saint is working to win the Pallas Belda, decimating enemies in his path. During his advance , he meets Eden , about to start a fight against Europa . After a brief exchange of blows,Europa scares Seiya and talk a bit with the son of Mars before resuming his journey. Some time later,Seiya comes to rescue Kōga and friends, who were threatened by Titan and Pallas. Seiya tries to shoot Pallas unchecking a golden arrow but Titan stop Golden Arrow with His Holly Sword . The shot misses despite all his new target thanks to the intervention of Koga . After the departure of Pallas and Titan , Seiya goes his way with his companions.

Pallas Castle Gate

Following the destruction of the Gate of Time, Seiya enters Pallas' castle with Athena and other Saints. Along the way, the group encounters Europa, who takes perverse pleasure in ridiculing the Saints and Athena. Angered, Seiya attacks but his friends bring him back to reason. After the departure of the Pallasite, the Saints are faced with four roads, one leading to Pallas. The group decides to split up to take different paths. Seiya chooses to stay with the remaining Gold Saints to protect Saori. In doing so, he takes the road Vanahemir.

Battles in Pallas' Castle

Fight Against Gallia

220px-Seiya Omega Bio 13

Seiya underestimates the Heavenly Kings

Gallia interrupts the two Gemini Saints and strikes a lethal blow to Paradox. After dealing with Paradox, Gallia turns her attention to Athena and the Gold Saints, easily deflecting all their attacks until she is forced to reveal her Chronotector by Aries Kiki's Stardust Revolution. Meanwhile, the other three groups figure out the meaning of the endless path, figuring that someone has trapped them in. As Seiya's attacks are easily deflected, Gallia is about to kill Him, but pallas informs her to stand back, with Gallia coldly responding with her loyalty belonging to someone else. However, Integra and Paradox combine their Cosmo, and destroy Europa's trick with the Another Dimension, allowing the other groups to reach the battlefield. However, Paradox succumbs to her wounds and dies in Integra's arms, fulfilling her destiny as the Gemini Gold Saint

 Fight Against Hyperion: First Encounter


The eyes of a warrior stare intensely.

Athena and the remaining Gold saints make to Pallas' Chamber where they are intercepted by Great Sword Hyperion . His power is so great that the combined efforts of Seiya,Harbinger and Shiryu are easily cast aside, leaving visible damage to their cloths. Fudo, Kiki, and Shiryu decide to face off against Hyperion, allowing Athena, Seiya, and Harbinger to move forward. Hyperion's Destructiontector and Destruction Slash greatsword proves to be too powerful for the three Gold Saints' attacks on their own. In a final show of strength, they combine their Cosmo knowing that they may perish because of the vast cosmo needed to unleash the forbidden attack: Athena Exclamation. The Saints and Pallasites including, Shiryu's son Ryuho throughout Pallasvelda react to the outpouring of Cosmo, and as the Destruction Slash greatsword is destroyed, the three Gold Saints' Cosmos vanish along with their bodies. Seiya is shown to be visibly shaken, shedding tears after feeling his fellow Saint's cosmo dissapear. He then reaffirms that he must protect Athena while they head towards Pallas, even at the cost of his own life.

Battle Of Pallas Chamber


A critically injured Harbinger warns the young saints not to interrupt Seiya's fight.

Harbinger vs. Titan

Seiya,Harbinger and Athena finally come face to face with Pallas. Without a breath wasted, Harbinger takes a flying leap at Pallas, only for Titan to step in to protect Pallas. Titan personally took offense to Harbinger's attack and is soon after challenged by him, using Athena's cloth to draw his attention. Treating him as a mere ruffian, Titan is surprised by the true might of the Taurus Saint, who proves himself far more powerful and nobler than who he claims to be. The resulting clash between the two leaves Harbinger critically injured, and the Tenjinsōseiken shattered.

Athena vs.Pallas

The long awaited confrontation between Athena and Pallas begins. Saori tries her best to convince Pallas that they do not need to fight, but Pallas wants nothing more than to defeat her sister in battle. It is then revealed that Athena did not have the resolve to slay Pallas when she descended to Earth, and that Seiya is the one to have taken on the mission of using the Golden Dagger in her stead. While the Goddesses are fighting, Seiya struggles to hold himself back from interrupting, so much that he draws his own blood with his tightly clenched fist. He also holds Harbinger back, telling him that they must believe in their Goddess. A look of sharp determination from Titan can be seen, evidently sharing the same sentiments of the two Gold Saints. 


A glimpse of Seiya's old personality.

Titan stops Athena before she delivers the killing blow to Pallas, not before promising to see each other again in a new myth. Seiya then stops his retaliatory strike towards Athena, signifying that the battle between the Goddesses are over, and now their guardians must  finish the fight.Titan questions whether Seiya has the resolve to finally take on Pallas, to which he retorts that he has changed after all. Seiya raises his cosmo after removing his scarf causing the Sagittarius Gold Cloth to evolve into a enhanced Cloth, in response to his determination.


The two Guardians collide.

Titan then reveals his Genesistector and casts aside his Tenjinsōseiken, saying that he is the one true Pallasite, no longer having any affiliation with his previous God. With the two warriors finally having answered their own determination and hesitation, they begin their final fight. In the midst of their duel, Titan muses over the idea of Humans and Saori "Athena" Kido. Seiya says with a smile that she is all he cares about, nothing more, nothing less, and he would have protected her not because she's a goddess but because she's a woman for him.The fierce fight culminates in Titan using his strongest technique, "Gigantic Planet End," which is answered back by Seiya's Cosmic Star Arrow and the arrow of Sagittarius. The arrow pierces Titan's Genesistector, leaving a gaping hole in his armor and a terrible flesh wound. Titan, still wanting to fight and even taunting Seiya to continue, charge at each other until Pallas stops Seiya's fist from reaching him. Still, Titan wants her to step aside so that he can finish his duel, but the Goddess does not want to see her beloved guardian hurt anymore. Athena calmly asks for Seiya to step down as well, and asks that both sides should now stop this meaningless war, to which Pallas agrees. Pallas takes Athena's hand, and the two reconcile, with their respective guardians looking on with a warm smile. Shortly after, the Snake Brace's are in close enough contact with each other and start a reaction. The two warriors are powerless in stopping the Braces from draining Athena and Pallas' life force, but it eventually falls off from their hands. Europa suddenly appears to announce the long-awaited revival of his master and God.

Saturn Revival

Subaru awakens as Saturn, the God of Time, the one who bestowed the Pallasites their Chrono Tectors and Great Swords. Donning his own Chrono Tector, Saturn, accompained by Europa and Mira, reveals that he had descended to Earth and erased his past memories to live among mankind and determine their worthiness. Having regained his former self, he then declares that humanity no longer deserves to remain on the Earth and uses his powers to freeze all of its inhabitants, before retreating to his heavenly palace with Europe and Mira. Determined to make Saturn pay and have Subaru return to normal, Seiya and the young saints depart to confront him in the sky.

Battle Of Saturn Palace

Seated on his throne, Saturn attends the arrival of Saints Athena. The Bronze Saints swoop down on him and unable to touch him. Saturn wants to finish them out but Seiya intervenes but does not weight either. Saturn mocks the Omega. Koga then rises. Saturn is aware of the tenacity of the human and the fact that they always repeat the same mistakes. He wants to compete with his sacred sword. Seiya stops the offensive with his Cosmic Star Arrow.Seiya told Koga that Bronze Saints can't defeat Saturn because they still see Subaru. The Power of Omega is useless because it is born out of their desire to help Subaru.Seiya throws himself on Saturn. His Cloth breaks against the attacks of Saturn. He then launches into a final assault and reaches near Saturn and charge him with the dagger that is capable of killing gods. He then pierced Saturn with the dagger. Saturn's chronotector started cracking. Saturn then said that the dagger can kill a god but he's the god of time therefore he's indestructible. Seiya moved away from Saturn only to be pierced by Saturn. The Sagittarius cloth retain its form indicating seiya is dead.The Gold Cloth of Sagittarius points his arrow on Saturn but was destroyed. The Bronze Saints are determined to avenge Seiya .

Peace Once Again

Following Saturn's withdrawl from his attack on Earth, peace has come back to the planet once more. The Taurus Saint, Harbinger, has been selected to be the new Pope of Sanctuary. although  actually voicing his approval off-screen, the other Gold Saints have spoken for him in that he has accepted him as the pope. Seiya is last seen standing next to Athena with a repaired Sagitarius Gold Cloth, who is mourning beacuse of the lives lost to the pallasites. Seiya tells her not to worry, and that he will be there for her, not her as Athena, but as Saori Kido.

Pallas-Hen (manga)

Seiya is present when the wristband appears on Athena's arm. Therefore, he has not taken on the mission to eliminate Pallas nor encountered Titan, unlike the anime. The Sagittarius Saint is then present at the gathering of the Saints at the Pope's palace. Seiya openly declares war on the Pallasites and urges his brothers in arms to go around and free people who have had their time stopped. Like the anime, he joins in the battle of Pallasbelda after the Athena locates Pallas' location.


  • Pegasus Ryūsei Ken: (ペガサス流星拳, Pegasus Meteor Fist): The Pegasus Saint's signature technique. Seiya concentrates cosmo in his hands and weaves the stars of the Pegasus constellation, releasing punches capable of hitting the enemy hundreds of times per second over a distance. After achieving the seventh sense and becoming the Sagittarius Gold Saint, Seiya is able to unleash millions of faster-than-light speed punches, transforming this attack into a radiant fury of light. This technique can be compared to the Leo Saint's  Lightning Plasma, but even stronger, for its sheer number of punches as well as its speed. The Ryusei Ken can also be redirected into another direction, as shown by Koga while fighting Eden.
  • Atomic Thunderbolt (atomikku sandāboruto): Seiya inherits this techhnique in honor of the former Sagittarius Gold Saint, Aiolos, who was remembered for his integrity towards justice and his loyalty to Athena.  Using it in the same fashion as his Pegasus Meteor Fist, Seiya unleashes a devastating stream of golden energy at his foes. This technique is famous for its faster-than-light speed attacks. Its appearance in the Omega era has a strong resemblance to Lightning Plasma.
  • Cosmic Star Arrow : Seiya aims the Bow of Sagittarius at his foe, focusing cosmo at the tip of the arrow and unleashes volleys of energy. When the technique ends, Seiya draws the energy into the tip and releases the arrow with amazing force, enough to pierce through Pallasite Titan's Strongest attack as well as his Genesistector, which is said to provide the protection of 3 Gold Cloths combined. It should be noted that the cosmo emenating from the tip of the arrow glows blue in appearance, and not golden like a normal Gold Saints cosmo until it is focused into the arrow tip.

Appearance in Other Media

Main Article: Pegasus Seiya



  • He is the main character in Kurumada's original manga and its anime adaptation, as the Pegasus Bronze Saint of the 20th century.
  • Seiya is the only Saint who to have raised his cosmo to the maximum without killing himself, even though many Brands of Darkness have covered his major parts of his body. This act is proven during the fight between Seiya and Kouga-turned Abzu in Episode 50, when Seiya, with the help of Yuna, successly purge Abzu from Kōuga's body and bring him back to normal.
  • Seiya is the "true Pegasus saint," since he is the reincarnation of Tenma and the original Pegasus saint from the age of Myth.
  • Seiya is often referred to by his enemies as the Golden Pegasus, or Pegasus.
  • He is not seen wearing his helmet until the second season, for reasons unknown.
  • Seiya upgraded his Sagittarius Cloth in Omega, it's the first and so far only God Cloth of the new series (The Bronze saints' cloths while God Cloth-like, are called Omega Cloths) according to Harbinger, it was created by soaking up a god's blood (it is currently unknown which god's blood was used, but it can be assumed to be Athena's as she created the God Cloths in the original) and his Cosmo rising up.
  • It is strongly hinted that Seiya and Saori have feelings for each other, and show it at the end of the series. (Episode 97)


  1. Alternative writing is 射手座の星矢 (Iteza no Seiya), which roughly translates to "Seiya of the Archer Constellation".
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