Saint Seiya: Episode G
EpisodeG inside cover of volume7.jpg
Author Megumu Okada
Publication date 2002–2013
Published by Akita Shoten
Publication order
Preceded by
Saint Seiya
Followed by
Saint Seiya: Episode G - Assassin

Saint Seiya: Episode G (聖闘士星矢EPISODE・Gセイント・セイヤ・エピソード・ジ Seinto Seiya: Episōdo Jī?)) is a shounen manga, written and illustrated by Megumu Okada. A spin-off of Masami Kurumada's Saint Seiya, it started being serialized in the monthly magazine Champion Red on December 19, 2002. In 2011, it moved to the Champion Red Ichigo magazine, where it ran until the final chapter was published, on June 19, 2013. The series was compiled into 21 volumes by Akita Shoten, with the first being published on June 19, 2003, and the last on August 8, 2013.

The plot of Episode G takes place in a fictional universe where the Greek gods cyclically reincarnate and wage war on each other for the dominance of Earth. The story is set in 1979–1980, five years before the events of the Saint Seiya manga and seven years after the death of Sagittarius Aiolos, the brother of the main character, Leo Aiolia. It follows the battle of the Gold Saints, warriors with superhuman powers who fight for Peace and Justice in the name of the Goddess Athena, to protect Earth from the recently awakened Titans.

Saint Seiya: Episode G has yet to be published in English, though it has been translated into various other languages by publishers from around the world. Overall, the series was well received, but not without controversy regarding its differences to Saint Seiya. It has been criticized for its art style and pace, as a single hit at the speed of light can often take up several pages.

The manga was followed by two sequels: Saint Seiya: Episode G - Assassin (2014–2019) and Saint Seiya: Episode G - Requiem (2020–present), both equally authored by Megumu Okada.


The story of Saint Seiya Episode.G is set in 1979, six years before the events of Masami Kurumada's Saint Seiya (1985), in the same fictional world in which the Greek gods cyclically reincarnate to dispute dominion of Earth. The story revolves around Athena's Saints, humans with superhuman powers who are devoted to the goddess of War, Athena, and whose duty is to protect the world from evil. The protagonist is the Leo Gold Saint Aiolia, who is mistrusted by the rest of the Saints because of the seemingly traitorous actions of his brother Aiolos in the past. In turn, he holds a grudge against the Saints as a whole, and against the elite order of the Gold Saints in particular.

While the Pope, the leader of the Saints, sends Aiolia on mission after mission to prove his loyalty, evil forces manifest that threaten to destroy Sanctuary, the home of the Saints. A modern-day Titanomachy begins as the Titans, ancient gods with a desire for revenge on the Olympian gods, attack Sanctuary to retrieve the "Megas Drepanon", the weapon into which Zeus had sealed their King Kronos in the age of mythology. Their first assault is thwarted by Aiolia, who subsequently gains the attention of the Titans as the "man of the evil omen" who is destined to free their King. With the Titans once again roaming the Earth, all kinds of ancient monsters that the Saints have to deal with are also resurrected worldwide. Meanwhile, the Titans gather their forces to strike at Sanctuary a second time. In the course of their next assault, Kronos is inadvertently released from Zeus's lightning seal by Aiolia's own lightning-based technique, but the god appears to be amnesiac. The Titans determine that it was Aiolia's attack that was responsible for this condition and that the Leo Saint might hold the means to fix it as well. They retreat to their base at the Time Labyrinth and kidnap Aiolia's servant Lithos to lure him there. Aiolia does not hesitate to go to Lithos's aid and, together with five other Gold Saints, initiates a series of battles in which the Titans fall one by one.

Throughout these battles, the primordial god Pontos, who first released the Titans from their imprisonment in Tartarus and initially claimed that he wished to help Kronos, reveals his true intentions, stating that he only revived the Titans as part of a larger plan and has been playing them in order to awaken his true mistress, Gaia, and help her take control of the Earth, destroying gods and humans alike in the process.



Volume Chapters Publish date ISBN

Prologue: The one who searches (探求セシ者 Tankyū seshi mono?)
1: The one who declares the start (始マリヲ告ゲル者 Hajimari o tsugeru mono?)
2: The one chosen to be the Lion (獅子ニ選バレシ者 Shishi ni erabareshimono?)
3: The one who wavers (タユタウ者 Tayutau mono?)
Final chapter: The one who returns from the waters of chaos (渾沌ノ水カラ還ル者 Konton no mizu kara kaeru mono?)
Galaxian Encyclopedia (銀河百科事典ギャラクシアン・エンサイクロペディア Gyarakushian ensaikuropedia?)
Epilogue: The one who commands to search (探求ヲ命ズル者 Tankyū o meizuru mono?)

May 20, 2008 978-4-253-23110-7
Aiolos and Aiolia travel to Egypt. They confront the reawakened Egyptian god Apophis, who has endagered Miko Hasegawa's archeological research, unintentionally freeing the ancient god Pontos.

1: The Great Prologue
2: The golden boy (黄金の少年 Ōgon no shōnen?)
3: The one who regrets (呻吟ウ者 Samayou mono?)
4: The one who severs light (光 截ツ者 Hikari tatsu mono?)
5: Those who assemble (集ウ者 Tsudou mono?)

June 19, 2003 4-253-23111-X
Leo Aiolia struggles to find his place in Sanctuary, after his brother's assassination. While on a mission, he adopts Lithos Chrysalis. Meanwhile, a shadow threatens Sanctuary.

Special chapter 1: The Holy War (聖戦編 Seisen hen?)
6: The one black as ebony (漆黒ノ者 Shikkoku no mono?)
7: The one who controls the wind (風ヲ従エル者 Kaze o shitagaeru mono?)
8: The one who breaks armors (骸ヲ破ル者 Mukuro o yaburu mono?)
9: The one who makes cloths (殻ヲ造ル者 Kara o tsukuru mono?)

October 23, 2003 4-253-23112-8
Ebony Hyperion invades Sanctuary. A battle ensues between the Titan and Aiolia that leaves the Gold Saint close to death. Aiolia travels to Jamir, to ask Aries Mu to repair his cloth.

Special chapter 2: Saga's story (サガ編 Saga hen?)
10: The one of Aries (牡羊ノ者 Ohitsuji no mono?)
11: The one who summons the underworld (異界ヲ呼ブ者 Ikai o yobu mono?)
12: The liberator (解キ放ツ者 Tokihanatsu no mono?)
13: The just one (正義ノ者 Seigi no mono?)

February 19, 2004 4-253-23113-6
Mu's home is attacked by Dimension Iapetos. Meanwhile, at Sanctuary, Shura falls prey to Gemini Saga's mind-controlling technique, after discovering that he has been impersonating the Pope.

Special chapter 3: Omens (予兆 Yochō?)
14: The giant ones (巨大ナル者 Kyodai naru no mono?)
15: The one with the golden fangs (黄金ノ牙ノ者 Ōgon no kiba no mono?)
16: The evil one (悪鬼ナル者 Akki naru no mono?)
17: The guide to the realm of the dead (冥界ニ導ク者 Meikai ni michibiku mono?)
Special chapter 4: Aiolos (アイオロス編 Aiorosu hen?)

July 29, 2004 4-253-23114-4
The Giants Phoinikeos Rhuax and Kyanos Pyrokus launch a second invasion of Sanctuary. Their advance is halted by Eagle Marin, Leo Aiolia, Virgo Shaka and Cancer Deathmask.

Special chapter 5: Golden wings (黄金ノ翼 Ōgon no tsubasa?)
18: Those who act in concert (呼応スル者 Ko'ō suru mono?)
19: The ancient one (古エノ者 Inishie no mono?)
20: The one who inherits (受ケ継グ者 Uketsugu mono?)
21: The one who stipulates destiny (運命ヲ謳ウ者 Unmei o utau mono?)
Special chapter 6: The one who does not believe in destiny (運命ヲ信ジヌ者 Unmei o shinjinu mono?)

November 25, 2004 4-253-23115-2
Aiolia goes on several missions to fight off evil creatures that have risen due to the Titans' influence. To prevent further attacks, Shaka embarks on a mission of his own, with Aiolia serving as bodyguard.

Special chapter 7: My own sanctuary (己ノアル地 Onore no aru chi?)
22: The one who defeats destiny (運命ヲ貫ク者 Unmei o tsuranuku mono?)
23: The one who supports me (我ガ身ヲ支エル者 Waga mi o sasaeru mono?)
24: The one who enters the territory of the gods (神ノ領域ニ有ル者 Kami no ryōiki ni aru mono?)
25: The one engraved in myth (神話ニ刻マレシ者 Shinwa ni kizamareshi mono?)

April 20, 2005 4-253-23116-0
Aiolia defends Shaka from Dark Lightning Koios's attack. While recovering from the wounds he sustained in battle, Milo guards him from an attack by the revived Greek hero Hector.

Special chapter 8: Shining cut (輝ケル刃 Kagayakeru yaiba?)
26: Those who are reborn (降臨セシ者 Kōrin seshi mono?)
27: Those whose emblem shines (紋章ヲ燈ス者 Monshō o tomosu mono?)
28: The one who cuts stars (星ヲ断ツ者 Hoshi o tatsu mono?)
29: The one who received the sacred sword (聖剣ヲ賜ウ者 Seiken o tamau mono?)

July 20, 2005 4-253-23117-9
Pontos revives all twelve Titans and their home, the Kronos Labyrinthos, is restored. Galaxy Kreios initiates a third attack on Sanctuary but is confronted by Shura and Aiolia.

Special chapter 9: Those from the deep" (深キ者ドモ Fuki mono domo?)
30: The one who stands in the way" (立チ塞ガル者 Tachifusagaru mono?)
31: The sealed one" (封ジラレシ者 Fūjirareshi mono?)
32: The one who uses lightning" (雷ヲ使役セシ者 Kaminari o shieki seshi mono?)
33: The one without wings" (翼無キ者 Tsubasa naki mono?)

December 20, 2005 4-253-23118-7
Kronos continues the attack on Sanctuary to free himself from Zeus's prison. Saga and Aiolia try and fail to stop him. The female Titans then reveal themselves to protect their freed King.

Special chapter 10: The one who goes fast (疾駆スル者 Shikku suru mono?)
34: The one who convicts (断罪セシ者 Danzai seshi mono?)
35: The one who possesses great strength (剛力ナル者 Gōriki naru mono?)
36: The one who creates flow (流転ヲ生ム者 Ruten o umu mono?)
37: The one who makes it flow (流転サセル者 Ruten saseru mono?)

May 18, 2006 4-253-23119-5
Aiolia, Shura and Aldebaran defend themselves from the Titanesses' attack. Meanwhile, Kronos has seemingly lost his memory. Current Okeanos goes to Sanctuary and fights Aquarius Camus.

Illustration Gallery
38: The one who chooses the gods (神ヲ選択スル者 Kami o sentaku suru mono?)
39: The one who steals spirits (魂ヲ奪ウ者 Tamashii o ubau mono?)
40: The one of the iron of death (死ノ鉄ノ者 Shi no tetsu no mono?)
41: The perfumed one (香気アル者 Kōki aru mono?)
42: The one who creates the path of victory (勝利ノ道ヲ生ム者 Shōri no michi o umu mono?)

August 18, 2006 4-253-23120-9
As Camus and Okeanos's battle comes to a close, Iapetos kidnaps Lithos, leading Aiolia to enter the Kronos Labyrinthos. Anthrakma Zugylos confronts him at the gate, but Pisces Aphrodite steps in to fight.

Special chapter 11: The one who stands at the limit (境界ニ立ツ者 Kyōkai ni tatsu mono?)
43: The one chosen by the gods (神ガ選ビシ者 Kami ga erabishi mono?)
44: The one who creates whirlwinds (渦ヲ生ム者 Uzu o umu mono?)
45: The one who pays with sacrifice (犠牲払イシ者 Kisei haraishi mono?)
46: The one who believes in the future (未来ヲ信ジル者 Mirai o shinjiru mono?)
47: The one who succeeds the cosmo (小宇宙ヲ継グ者 Kosumo o tsugu mono?)

February 20, 2007 978-4-253-23125-1
Aphrodite kills Anthrakma Zugylos, while Aiolia confronts Pontos with Libra Dohko's assistance. Mu teleports Shura, Camus, Milo, Aldebaran and Shaka to the Kronos Labyrinthos to help.

Special chapter 12: The one who moves around time (刻ヲ巡リシ者 Koku o megurishi mono?)
48: The one who carries the universe (宇宙ヲ背負ウ者 Uchū o seō mono?)
49: The one who does not possess a heart (心ヲ持タヌ者 Kokoro o motanu mono?)
50: The one who knows his true form (己ノ姿ヲ知ル者 Onore no sugata o shiru mono?)
51: The one who saves everything (全テヲ救ウ者 Subete o sukū mono?)

August 21, 2007 978-4-253-23126-8
Aiolia and Shaka battle Iapetos and Themis in the Kronos Labyrinthos.

Special chapter 13: The one who stops the tears of blood (血涙ヲ止メル者 Ketsurui o tomeru mono?)
52: The one who keeps being a god (神デアリ続ケル者 Kami de ari tsudzukeru mono?)
53: The one who breaks bonds (絆ヲ断ツ者 Kizuna o tatsu mono?)
54: Those who fight until death (鍔迫ル者 Tsubasemaru mono?)
55: The one who extracts souls (魂ヲ引キ抜ク者 Tamashii hikinuku mono?)

December 20, 2007 978-4-253-23127-5
As Iapetos dies, he lends his divine power to Aiolia, so he may continue to fight. Kreios resumes his battle with Shura, while Camus fights a giant salamander that Rhea sent after the remaining Gold Saints.

Special chapter 14: Those who cross swords (斬リ結ブ者 Kiri musubu mono?)
56: The one who inherits the technique (業ヲ受ケ継グ者 Waza o uketsugu mono?)
57: The one who understands everything (全テヲ悟リシ者 Subete o satorishi mono?)
58: The one who is dead as a warrior (闘士トシテ死ンダ者 Tōshi toshite shinda mono?)
59: The one who gives something important (大切ナ事ヲ与エル者 Taisetsu na koto o ataeru mono?)

May 20, 2008 978-4-253-23128-2
Shura defeats Kreios and Aiolia confronts Koios for the second time. Meanwhile, Pontos uses the power of the fallen Titans to strengthen his mistress, Gaia.

Special chapter 15: The one who surpasses limits (限界ヲ越エル者 Genkai o koeru mono?)
60: The one who stands up alone (一人デ立ツ者 Hitotsu de tatsu mono?)
61: The one who transmits feelings (想イヲ伝エル者 Omoi o tsutaeru mono?)
62: The one who is called by the evil water (禍キ水ニ呼バレタ者 Kaki mizu ni yobareta mono?)
63: The one who burns in black flames (黒ク燃立ツ者 Kuroku moetatsu mono?)

August 20, 2008 978-4-253-23129-9
After Aiolia defeats Koios, Pontos and Mnemosyne reveal that they have intentionally weakened and manipulated the other Titans. Despite the discovery, Hyperion sets out to fight Aiolia.

Special chapter 16: The one who stands in the black smoke (黒煙ニ立ツ者 Kurokemuri ni tatsu mono?)
64: The one who carries infinity (無限ヲ背負ウ者 Mugen o seō mono?)
65: The one who carries destruction (破壊ヲ背負ウ者 Hakai o seō mono?)
66: The one gifted with the sound of the gods (神鳴リヲ授カリシ者 Shinnari o sasukarishi mono?)
67: The one who stays until the end (最後ニ残リシ者 Saigo ni nokorishi mono?)
68: The one who does not return the spirit (心通ワヌ者 Kokoro kayowanu mono?)

January 20, 2009 978-4-253-23130-5
Hyperion and Aiolia's fight ends in the Titan's defeat. Meanwhile, Lithos escapes confinement and makes her way to where the Gold Saints are, taking the amnesiac Kronos with her.

Special chapter 17: Those who have a conversation (相見エル者 Aimamieru mono?)
69: The one who obeys the dark water (黒キ水ニ従ウ者 Kuroki mizu ni shitagau mono?)
70: The one of the black flames (黒炎ノ者 Kurohonō no mono?)
71: The one who never parts (決シテ離サヌ者 Kesshite hanasanu mono?)
72: The one who bestows light (光ヲ与エル者 Hikari o ataeru mono?)
73: The one who takes back darkness (闇ヲ取リ戻セシ者 Yami o torimodoseshi mono?)

June 19, 2009 978-4-253-23134-3
After Pontos unsuccessfully attempts to coerce Hyperion into continuing his fight, Mnemosyne restores Kronos's memories, leading the Titan King to attack the Gold Saints.

Special chapter 18: The one who falls from heaven (堕天セシ者 Daten seshi mono?)
74: The one who reaps lives (命ヲ刈リ取ル者 Inochi o karitoru mono?)
75: The one who is tied by bonds (絆結ビシ者 Kizuna musubishi mono?)
76: The one who stands in the mist (霧ノ中ニ立ツ者 Kiri no naka ni tatsu mono?)
77: The one who has the power of his companions (同胞ノ力ト共ニ在ル者 Dōhō no chikara to tomoni aru mono?)
78: Those who stand to protect the god (大神ヲ守護シ立ツ者 Ookami o shugo shi tatsu mono?)
79: The one who asks for help to snatch the light (光ニ救イヲ求メ奪ウシカ無イ者 Hikari ni sukui o motome ubaushika nai mono?)

August 19, 2011 978-4-253-23135-0
Kronos reverts the flow of time, causing the appearance of ancient beasts on Earth. He also commands Nefritis Hoplisma, Elektron Ther and Margarites Drakon to attack the Gold Saints.

Special chapter 19: The one who does not recognize the impossible (不可能ヲ認メヌ者 Fukanou o mitomenu mono?)
80: Those who become unbreakable shield and cutting sword (砕ケヌ盾トナリ 切リ裂ク剣トナル者 Kudakenu tate tonari kirisaku ken tonaru mono?)
81: Those who never waver (決シテ揺ルガヌ者 Kesshite yuruganu mono?)
82: Those who stand before a legend (伝説ト成ル存在ノ前ニ立ツ者 Densetsu to naru sonzai no mae ni tatsu mono?)
83: The one who holds a true blade (真ナル刃ヲ持ツ者 Shin naru ha o motsu mono?)

December 20, 2011 978-4-253-23136-7
The Gold Saints split into pairs to tackle the last three Giants. Once the threat is eliminated, Aiolia and Kronos's battle continues.

Special chapter 20: The one who brandishes his fist (拳ヲ振リ翳ス者 Ken o furikazasu mono?)
84: The one of the hidden potential (可能性ヲ秘メシ者 Kanōsei o himeshi mono?)
85: The one who protects the gates (門ヲ守護セシ者 Mon o shugoseshi mono?)
86: The one who opposes a god (神二抗エシ者 Kami ni aragaeshi mono?)
Final chapter: The golden boy (黄金の少年 Ōgon no shōnen?)

August 8, 2013 978-4-253-23140-4
Aiolia and Kronos use their most powerful attacks on each other and both come close to dying. Moved by Aiolia's determination, however, Kronos makes a deal with Hades to save his life. The Titans' human followers move to Earth, becoming the Black Saints. Elsewhere, Pontos vows revenge on the Saints for foiling his plan.

There are two editions of volumes 1–17, a normal edition and a special one that features different covers and added goodies, such as postcards, pins, a coin key holder, a day planner, tarot cards, a T-shirt, puzzles, calendars, a pass case and a key chain.

Volumes also include a special chapter, usually in color. Initially, these chapters were short side stories, depicting events related to, but outside of the series's plot. In later volumes, they became brief recaps of the events of the previous volume. The list below describes the events of the special chapters that are independent from the main storyline.

Special chapter 1 – The Holy War
Aries Shion and Libra Dohko stand among their fallen companions as the sole survivors of the Holy War and contemplate the future generation of Saints.
Special chapter 2 – Saga's story
Gemini Saga fights a group of evil spirits who have invaded his House, while haunted by his uncertain sense of identity.
Special chapter 3 – Omens
Pontos and Ebony Hyperion observe from afar, as Leo Aiolia defeats the Egyptian god Anubis.
Special chapter 4 – Aiolos
Sagittarius Aiolos fights the giant Typhon near Sicily, Italy, saving the young Cliff O'Kents.
Special chapter 5 – Golden wings
In Egypt, Sagittarius Aiolos defeats a group of Apophis's soldiers.
Special chapter 6 – The one who does not believe in destiny
After attempting to steal Athena's sacred blood, Galan is sentenced to fight Sagittarius Aiolos. He loses an eye and an arm in battle, but his life is spared.
Special chapter 7 – My own sanctuary
A domestic scene at the House of Leo, with Leo Aiolia, Lithos and Galan.
Special chapter 8 – Shining cut
Capricorn Shura defeats a group of the Titans' followers in Grevena, Greece.
Special chapter 9 – Those from the deep
After breaking free from Cape Sounion, Kanon releases Poseidon. He dons the Sea Dragon Scales and starts plotting against Sanctuary.
Special chapter 10 – The one who goes fast
After a brief interlude on Jamir, Taurus Aldebaran hurries back to Sanctuary, to help defend it from the Titans.
Special chapter 11 – The one who stands at the limit
Pisces Aphrodite receives orders from Gemini Saga to seal the entrance to the Titan's world with his roses.
Special chapter 12 – The one who moves around time
An amnesiac Kronos ponders his purpose, as he contemplates the giant hourglass at the center of his palace.

Drama CDs

# Description Tracks Released with
1 Adaptation of Aiolia's meeting with Lithos and his battle against the stone giant, from manga volume 1, chapter 3. 6 Champion Red 04-2007
2 Adaptation of Camus and Aiolia's fight against Current Okeanos, from manga volumes 9–10, chapters 37–38. 7 Volume 11, Special Edition

Voice actors:

  • Hiro Shimono, as Leo Aiolia
  • Hikaru Midorikawa, as Aquarius Camus
  • Kōji Yusa, as Galan
  • Chiwa Saitō, as Lithos
  • Kōsuke Okano, as Okeanos
  • Hiroki Yasumoto, as Pontos


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Gold Saints Other Saints Other characters
Aries Mu Lynx Retsu (Bronze) John Black
Taurus Aldebaran Triangle Noesis (Silver) Galarian Steiner
Gemini Saga Eagle Marin (Silver) Lithos Chrysalis
Cancer Deathmask Ophiuchus Shaina (Silver) Miko Hasegawa
Leo Aiolia Lizard Misty (Silver) Cliff O'Kents
Virgo Shaka Aries Shion (Gold) Sea Dragon Kanon
Libra Dohko Ouranos
Scorpio Milo
Sagittarius Aiolos
Capricorn Shura
Aquarius Camus
Pisces Aphrodite


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Dark Lightning Koios Leukotes Anemos (White Wind) Atlas Hector
Galaxy Kreios Phaios Spathe (Grey Blade) Eurybia "Hope" (real name unknown)
Current Okeanos Anthrakma Zugylos (Ruby Iron) Hecatonchires Mummies
Rhea Nefritis Hoplisma (Jade Armor) Typhon Hydra
Themis Elektron Ther (Amber Beast) Apophis The Army of the Sun
Phoebe Margarites Drakon (Pearl Dragon) Anubis Hades's Specters


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