Scorpio Kardia (蠍座(スコーピオン)のカルディア, Sukōpion no Karudia) is the guardian of the 8th House in the Sanctuary, the Scorpio Temple.


Kardia is presented as a proud, impulsive and sadistic gentleman, someone who enjoys torturing his enemy, especially when he considers that the enemy has no honor. He is a boastful warrior with an explosive personality who does not like to be bored and spends time looking to light his heart by fighting. He was the one who gave Sasha the confidence to accept new responsibilities and powers as the reincarnation of the goddess Athena.

Fighting for fun, extremely dangerous situations seem exciting to him, and a challenge he is willing to endure and win. He wishes to live a full life and always seeks to do what he loves, without fear of death but if this happens looking to lose his life against powerful opponents. Kardia is a very noble Saint who does not hesitate to help those in need, but among comments that involve a false indifference on their part. He enjoys torturing his enemies but offers the possibility of death or redeem high honor by his title of Saint.

He shares a good relationship with Aquarius Degel and a strong desire to try his strength against him, often offering the possibility of battle.


Lost Canvas Manga: Scorpio Chapter


The little Kardia had been diagnosed with a heart condition and had only one year to live. He did not want to die in a bed alone so he decided to travel the world. In the ruins of Greece, he found Aquarius Krest. Krest saw the Kardia's willingness to live and offered him the blood of Athena in order to live forever. Kardia said he did not want to live forever, but to live fully, so Krest gave Kardia Misopethamenos the blessing of Athena where aging is slowed down to a fraction of time. The ability slows down the human heart to beat less. The boy was later known as Scorpio Kardia and became Degel's best friend.

Jaguars Warriors

One day, little Sasha escaped from the Temple of Athena in the Sanctuary and was wandering around the house, when she is suddenly attacked by wolves. Kardia saves her and they both leave because Sasha was bored in the Sanctuary. They then go to a seedy bar that seems to be in Mexico, where they meet a woman named Calbera. Then some Jaguar Warriors reach the bar, these attack Calbera , Sasha panics and Kardia attacks them with Scarlet Nedles. Sagittarius Sisyphus speaks with Pope Sage concerning Sasha output with Kardia. Kardia and indicates that it does not know yet Athena and she is a danger that something happens and Sisyphus blamed for it, but the Pope sees an interesting opportunity to end the anxiety of being a goddess Sasha at such a young age and that Kardia is best suited for it.

Kardia comes to looking for the Jaguars who is transformed, easily overcomes Scorpio wearing cloth, then goes to the front Huexda the Priest of the Sun, he speaks with Kardia about giving his heart as a sacrifice to the sun, after an exchange of words, both come together, Kardia is excited to see that Huexda has a power similar to Gold Saints and feels that maybe this is the right man to give his heart burns. Suddenly Heuxda breast infects Kardia heart and to see the area surrounded by fire and says that this will be perfect for the sacrifice he did in two days, next to Sasha and Calbera , Huexda explains that introduced its tusk obsidian within Kardia to take his life. Kardia accept the Huexda challenge of making the sacrifice of his heart in two days.

210px-Kardia Huexda

Facing Huexda .

Huexda targets a piramede Aztec sacrifice which prepares the heart of Cardia and where promised that his lady will Calbera. Cardia is taken calmly Huexda threat, while Sasha and Calbera are concerned, then talk Calbera that his grandfather was healer and spoke of how they protected their land from black jaguar with the feathered serpent power. Suddenly makes an appearance Youaltepuztli Nahualpilli. Huexda sent to tear the skin Cardia. Cardia attacks Youaltepuztli Nahualpilli to steal skin and no more cold, Kardia accepts the proposal and gives his heat as the Scarlet Needle. Kardia enjoys suffering Youaltepuztli Nahualpilli and was about to kill Nahualilli, Sasha stops him. Sasha's interference, achieves Nahualilli take hostage at that very moment Kardia has problems with his heart, while Nahualilli flees with Sasha.

Kardia awake Calbera and knows that he went to resolving the matter and save Huesda Sasha. Huesda comes before the ritual and Kardia arrives on time. Kardia arrives opposite, directly attacks Huexda who responded with scarlet needle but it does not hurt to Huexda. Huexda ordered Youaltepuztli Nahualpilli to kill Sasha, but this is slipping, that attacks by Kardia, Nahuali certainly kill Sasha as she protected him and feels that if he kills again feel cold as before, which now feel. Sasha attack Huexda but protects Nahuali the cost of his life, this causes the wrath of Scorpion.

Huexda shows his incredible power to Kardia. Kardia gets thrown inside the temple, so that he could observe their god
180px-Kardia Quetzalcóatl

Kardia is saved by Quetzalcoatl .

Tezcatlipoca and explains to Huexda as thanks to fang embedded in his heart was more about the power to raise their god to destroy the world . At the heart of Kardia sacrificing everything will be ready for full resuscitation of their god, Calvera share Huesda think that fate but she refuses spite of being under the spell of Huexda, Huexda believed to have won the battle but that causes extreme situation burn more Kardia's heart, this led to using the needle Kardia scarlet short, Burning scarlet needle . After that Cardia Antares releases his final needle mixing with unexplained loose heat and Kardia's heart beats Huesda and seems to Kardia.

Everything seemed to be over but with his last strength Huexda asks Tezcatiploca destroy all around him and then when Sasha awakens his powers of Athena. Sasha destroys the fallen god, but cries Kardia's sacrifice because it was thanks to him that he had no fear of their responsibility to be a goddess, Calvera says no issue she recalled her past and becomes Quetzalcoatl and gives Kardia warmth to this awakens to the joy of the Princess Athena.

Then Calbera rebuilds her bar, while in the sanctuary with Kardia, Degel going into the chambers of the Patriarch, who meets Sisyphus congratulates Kardia, then come to the presentation of the Athena of the era. Kardia is surprised and happy of what see, like Athena and thanks to the attitude and strength of Kardia she manages to become Athena and take the value of running a full army for the start of the holy war.


He saved a young Yato and his sister from an unnamed Specter and took the boy to the Sanctuary to be trained as a Saint.

Lost Canvas


He held the Specter Frog Zelos as a prisoner in his temple.

invaded Hades Cathedral

Appears opposite invaded Hades Cathedral in Italy and calm the excited Dohko, saying that the barrier has to go before or would be the end, while Hakurei reach the center of the barrier. It is who sends Tenma to train with the demon of Kanon Island.

Mission To Siberia

Kardia joins Aquarius Degel in his mission to Siberia to enlist the aid of the Blue Warriors in the war against Hades. Arriving in Bluegrad, Cardia and Dégel were attacked by the Blue Warriors, after escaping from the attack the Scorpio Gold Saint unleashes his technique known as Scarlet Needle. Cardia finished opponents with Antares Needle. Also, Cardia exhibits a new technique which is known as Katakaio Needle. After successfully inflicting 14 hits, Cardia finishes the Katakaio Needle with Katakaio Antares.

Versus Rhadamanthys

During his fight against Rhadamanthys we discover that besides being a Saint of Athena, Cardia is addicted to fights, therefore, he fights for his own amusement. Further motivation comes from a degenerative heart disease which shortens his life, which has been treated by Degel using his freezing ability to estabilize Cardia's heart temperature. Cardia decided to live his short life intensely, only doing what he pleases and encountering death while facing a strong adversary. His death wish is fulfilled while fighting Wyvern Rhadamanthys, who, he was able to defeat.

While presumed dead, Cardia appeared once more when Unity was escaping the crumbling Atlantis, as he helped him to reach the surface alive. When he awoke, Unity noticed Cardia's red nail in his hand, implying the Gold Saint died shortly thereafter, leaving the prince with the nail as a memento of himself, which helped keep Unity warm.

It was revealed in his Anecdotes that at the age of ten the doctors said because of his fragile health he would die in one year. Then he run away from the hospital and got lost. He then experiences excruciating chest pain. He was saved by Kōh-i-Nūr Krjest, Aquarius Dégel's mentor, who has Athena's blood running through his veins. Krest tells Cardia he could become immortal, but the young Saint apprentice replies he only wished to live his life in an intense way, it doesn't matter if it is short or long. Cardia accepted the holy blood and is saved of his disease but because of the divine blood, his heart starts burning.


  • Scarlet Needle (スカーレットニードル, Sukāretto Nīdoru): Kardia used this skill as his trademark. This technique rests on your index finger having a nail-shaped sting like a scorpion. It consists of 15 contact points (which draw exactly the pattern of the stars of the constellation of this sign) which inflict great pain to the opponent slowly removing his five senses can be launched separately causing a slow torture or thrown together to turn the opponent's life. These 15 bites are the number of stars in the constellation of Scorpio.
  • Scarlet Needle Katakeo (スカーレットニードル・カタケオ, Sukāretto Nīdoru Katakeo): This is the last bite of the succession of blows of the Scarlet Needle, the deadliest and foremost, the fifteenth sting. This is the final blow of Kardia, if the opponent is not dead before the 14 bites the latter is certainly fatal. This technique is positioned in the center of the torso of the opponent and causes it to lose a massive amount of blood, besides altering the central nervous system.
  • Scarlet Needle Katakeo Antares (スカーレットニードル・カタケオ・アンタレス, Sukāretto Nīdoru Katakeo Antaresu): This ability is unique to Kardia, and can be seen in Lost Canvas only. Antares is a variant of Needle unlike this one directly affects the inside of the opponent by providing heat similar to the heart of Kardia, the shoots directly into the bloodstream and causes, literally, the blood begins to boil up the body on fire . This technique is powered by Kardia fever and is activated when your heart is on fire, causing certain death for himself and his opponent, so this technique is final and the Saint of Scorpio's used as a last appeal to the powerful opponents. Scarlet Needle Katakeo Antares is launched after the 14 preliminary and shoots straight to the heart of the victim to that consumed in the flames of Scorpio.

Hobbies of Kardia

  • Eating apples.
  • Discuss with Aquarius Dégel. Nevertheless, it has a good relationship with him and their discussions serve to introduce a little humor to the series. In Lost Canvas Gaiden implied that Degel is the only knight able to control fever Cardia body, allegedly for his unique ability of handling the ice.
  • Go to bars.
  • Fighting increasingly strong opponents, who consider them their trophies. Looking turn your heart in every battle.


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