Sea Serpent Saint (シーサーペント, Shīsāpento) is one of the Caraib Ghost Saints.


Sea Serpent, with Geist, Dolphin Saint and Jellyfish Saint, form the group known as Ghost Saints, Shrine exiled by the Pope to destroy ships at sea. When Geist receives a letter from Gigas , promising to return to the sanctuary if you retrieve the helmet of Sagittarius Gold Cloth who own the Bronze saints loyal to Athena, Sea Serpent and his companions destroy military ship to draw media attention, and then hijack a tanker Grad Foundation , asking a ransom Bronze Saints that arise there with the golden helmet or destroy the ship. When gentlemen come, Dolphin Sea Serpent and show no mercy with Seiya, but soon are overthrown by Shiryu techniques Rozan Shō Ryū Ha , and Diamond Dust of Hyoga while Jellyfish Saint is overcome by Andromeda Shun . Before being defeated, Geist invokes an illusion that distracts the Bronze Saints and allows Dolphin and his companions escape, but manages to steal the Sea Serpent before leaving town.

When the Bronze Saints are heading to the island to retrieve the helmet Diabolic, vehicle is shot down by Geist. Shun falling water is under attack by Sea Serpent transformed into a gigantic sea serpent, but Hyoga Diamond Dust makes surfacing and regain human form. Then Hyoga and Shiryu attacks, but Hyoga frozen sea surface inpidiendo to immerse Sea Serpent, losing their lives against Pegasus Ryu Sei ken Seiya.


The Sea Serpent cloth is more reminiscent of a wetsuit all Ghost Saints Cloth. Indeed, the only parts that seem proper protective cloth are the wristbands, elbow pads, knee pads, belt and perhaps the helmet, the rest seem ordinary clothing or any flexible material. Interestingly Sea Serpent claims that his armor is very powerful and protects from any attack, but after receiving a few punches of Pegasus Seiya , it seems his strength lies in some slippery substance covering it, and prevents attackers can hit encajarle easily. It's green motif in purple, and the protections mentioned are yellow.


Sea Serpent (snake form)

Sea Serpent shows no particular technique, but is able to crawl and climb surfaces like a snake, and even stand on water. Also seems able to transform into a giant sea snake and attack their victims and underwater. It is unknown whether a transformation is real or just an illusion.


  • Sea Serpent is the only Ghost Saints that doesn't show any particular techniques.
  • Unlike his fellow Jellyfish Saint and Dolphin, Sea Serpent name refers to a sea monster which has not been proven to exist. It is a common mistake to believe that "Sea Serpent" refers to sea snakes (Hydrophiidae), but in English they are called "sea snakes".
  • His eyes are most of the time hidden in the shadow of his helmet, being seen only when his face is illuminated by a light attack or powerful