This is the Seiyapedia article guideline. Do read this guideline before creating or editing article pages.

Manual of Style

The Manual of Style also abbreviated as MoS or MOS is a guide that is meant for each article created or already created at Seiyapedia. It can help editors who are just beginners at wiki in editing. It is also meant to create the entire Seiyapedia organized and easily to read for the visitors who are trying to gather information about their favorite topics. It is very important to follow the policy of this wiki to progress our wiki further in a very organized way.

Article page layout

See also: Template guideline

Character page

Template in use:
{{Character infobox}}
  • Introduction — A introduction section of the page. You do not have to place the header "Introduction" in a article page.
  • Background — The history of the character, do place the information "time-line like" instead of according to the manga or anime episodes or chapters.
  • Personality — The personality of the character.
  • Appearance — The appearance of the character, what the character wears or how the character looks like.
  • Abilities — The abilities of a character. What is his fighting style and what for techniques does he use.
  • Plot — The storyline the character takes part in. Create sub-headers of the arcs which part the character is in.
  • Trivia — Extra's or hidden facts about the character.
  • Quotes — Memorable quotes about the character.
  • References — References to show that the information about the character is true and not false.

Anime episode page

Template in use:
{{Episode infobox}}
  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Plot
  • Debut
    • Characters
    • Techniques
  • Trivia
    • Anime-Manga differences
  • Quotes
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