This is the Seiyapedia image guideline. Do read this guideline before adding any images.


To upload a image, you must now where and how you must upload a image, we have it right here in steps:

  • You can add a image in a article page by using [[Image:{{image}}.PNG]]. That is a lot faster than normal.
  1. At the right side of the page, you'll see a button "contribute", click on that button and you will see different kinds of options. Click on "Add a Photo" (If you go to a article page (not the main page) scroll he page which you will see on the right side a button "Add a Photo").
  2. If you clicked on "Add a Photo", you will see a page were you can upload a image. Click on the button after "Source filename".
  3. Name the image, which can be done at "Destination filename". Do not upload images with a vague filename such as: "kgkgdkdgdkd.jpg", that image will directly be deleted.
  4. Add a summary to the template after uploading the image.
  • At step one, there is a different way of adding a image if you had scrolled the article page and clicked on the "Add a Photo" button. The header will say "Upload a Photo to the Wiki", which you can upload a image quicker, but to rename it, click on the button "More options".


Acceptable and unacceptable images


  • Images that contains a acceptable filename such as: Seiya.PNG or Seiya Anime.PNG.
  • Images that are uploaded at Seiyapedia must either have the extension .PNG or .JPG.
  • The images must have a very good resolution quality.


  • Images with a unacceptable filename, such as: "gkgks7993jsjs793jsujs.JPG". Images with such kind of filenames will be deleted immediately.
  • Images that contains to have a other file extension such as: .GIF.
  • Images that contains to be fan art. Any fan art images will be deleted immediately.
  • Images that contains pornography. Any pornographic images will be deleted immediately.
  • Images that are not related to the Saint Seiya series. Images that contains to be of celebrities and real-life animals and any other kinds of stuff that are not related to the Saint Seiya series, will be deleted immediately.
  • Low resolution images may not be used as place holders.
  • Images in a different language other than Japanese and English.

Re-uploading images


  • Images that are at a more higher resolution of the previous image.
  • Adopted images, which means if there is a manga image and the episode of the series came and there is the same shot as the manga, it can be replaced, but only if it has a high resolution.


  • Images cannot be replaced with any fan art, pornographic or real-life images.
  • Images cannot be replaced by a image with a much lower resolution.
  • Do not upload two and the same images, either if the one is on PNG and the other JPG, do not do something like that. The image that was uploaded earlier will stay, the image that has uploaded later will be deleted.

Image tagging

To tag a image at Seiyapedia, you must use the template: {{Image box}}. A very short template which can be done within one minute. Here is a short layout about the template:

  • Description: Description about the image.
  • Source: The source of the image
  • Resolution: The resolution of the image
  • Replaceable: If the image is replaceable

Image categorizing and talk page

Here is some information on how to categorize a image:

  • [[Category:Images of {{PAGENAME}}]]. Do not create your own kind of categories at Seiyapedia.
  • To add a template at the talk page, add the template: {{Talk Page}}, once done do it like this: '''{{talk page|image}}''', and it's done.

Placing a image

Many users have problems in placing a image, so here is some information on how to place a image in a article page or in other different things.

  • Do not place a image on 300px.
  • Do not place a image after a infobox.
  • Place a image always on a thumb file instead of adding it not as thumb. Not placing it as thumb will show the full size of the image on the article page.

Other information

  • Do not redirect any image to another file name.
  • Do not add images that are in a different language other than Japanese.
  • Do not add images that are created by Saint Seiya fans, rather than the original images that are placed by the creator of the series, and TV Asahi.
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