Shinato (シナト, Shinato) is one of the inhabitants of the Togakushi mountain range, and with Mirai, are responsible for receiving the Saints applicants to train their teacher.


Shinato had been watching Shō since the latter came to the mountain precisely was he who will not accept that shō will train , not knowing Saori Kido as Athena , and with Mirai 's attack to that fence, and in turn removing the armor, later shō gets up and tries to remove the armor, but they, the manage to evade and sent to fly again . After several failed attempts shō remains unconscious, but after a few seconds starts to crawl until he makes it to the top of the mountain where the boys were .

After hearing the decision of his master Shinato and Mirai are faced when Shō is awake to Mayura, both witness the decision of Shō to become a saint and thus save power Kyōko , Mayura then retires, Shinato , Mirai eat and Shō something that Shō question Mirai should be more grateful and not eating much what young questions because what Mirai ate Sho Onigiri Mirai thus would hand Shinato tells them to eat without making a fuss.

Shō asks them how is the training they receive from Mayura , Shinato says that the eyes of her teacher are in all the earth , and when they need any advice what she 's provided, Mirai tells Shō can go home in the mind of the young is a new question to Mayura meant when he said that the wishes can be poison, Shinato gives his opinion saying that if Mayura want something you can use any means to achieve even these means are not good , then one strange light appears before Shō , and that the attempts to play, but suddenly this light , a huge amount of flowers that trap Shinato and Mirai , then try to attack Shō are created. And brambles and vines attack and grabbing her Shō body , so try to get Shō decides less horse armor to defend themselves from time to time Mayura appears and seeing Shō is being possessed by Eris venom, this tells you that as Saint of Athena who is going to fight Shō . Then Mirai and Shinato witness the great power of his teacher who manages to "seal " to Shō in the " eternal Rock " but to the surprise of Mayura , Shinato and Mirai , Shō manages to break free.

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