Most of the known Silver Saints from the various series.

The Silver Saints are the Saints that wear Silver Cloths, the second most powerful of Cloths.


Silver Saints are specialists in battle equipped with powerful tools and weapons to strengthen their capabilities, although as a general rule, Saints prefer unarmed combat. When they receive assignments from the Sanctuary, they will go to any part of the world to fulfill it at whatever the cost, using all their power and sometimes bringing along some Bronze Saints as support. While the Bronze Saints are comparably lower in terms of power, the Silver Saints represent the true concept of a Saint of Athena, with respectable strength and Cosmo, although the most dangerous threats are only possible to be defeated with the aid of the Gold Saints.

A group of Silver Saints from The Lost Canvas

Even being true respectable Saints, the Silver Saints have been variably mistreated in the series, being defeated by the five Bronze Saints, initially with difficulties, later becoming progressively easy. This is perhaps as a prelude to the introduction of the Gold Saints as the Bronze Saint's opponent. Nevertheless, Eagle Marin and Ophiuchus Shaina have always gave assistance to the main protagonists for the whole course of the story, while Lyra Orphée fought some of the most powerful Specters during Hades saga.

Despite being Saints of Athena, Silver Saints have a long history of actually being presented as ruthless, malevolent and sadistic in nature, akin to assassins rather than warriors of peace. They are often presented as morally ambiguous and more than willing to do whatever it takes to destroy their enemies, seemingly devoid of the requisite preference for peace and avoiding combat that define a Saint. Although there have been multiple instances of Silver Saints being enemies due to being deceived by a higher power, they nonetheless present themselves in a villainous fashion.

The power of Silver Saints greatly exceeds that of the Bronze Saints, with the weakest Silver Saint being at least twice as strong as a Bronze Saint. Silver Saints can be up to five times stronger than the Bronze Saints with the ability to reach Mach 5 in speed. Silver Saint's Cosmo is not as completely awakened as the Gold Saints but they have a wider knowledge of it than the Bronze Saints do.

Despite many Silver Saints having less power than a Gold Saint, there are a few of them who are said to exceed even a Gold Saint such as Lyra Orphée who is said to be the "Legendary Saint"; Crateris Suikyō described by Bronze Saint Ikki to be stronger than any of the Gold Saints Ikki has previously fought;Altar Hakurei, who is said to be as strong as the Grand Pope Sage, and the Saint who was the previous Gold Saint Cancer Sage.

Except these rare displays of very high-profile power, Silver Saints remain in a supportive role as expert Saints along the story. Another mission given by the Sanctuary to the Silver Saints is the one to take care of the Cloths that do not have owners. It is not rare to see Silver Saints training potential candidates to own one of these Cloths.

Finding a successor worthy of a Cloth is part of the work of these Silver Saints because they have enough skill and knowledge to being able to train new cadets. As many Saints and Cloths were lost in the last Holy War, to train new Saints and to increase their fighting expertise are the important tasks to be fulfilled before the next Holy War.

In total there exists 24 Silver Saints. Sixteen were active in the story of Saint Seiya, a few feature prominently in The Lost Canvas, characters such as Crane Yuzuriha.

Silver Saints (Omega)

The Silver Cloths, the main armor for Silver Saints, freeze at a temperature of -200°C and are a lot more resilient than Bronze Cloths. Currently there has been 23 Silver Cloths that were confirmed to exist with two more unmentioned, however it is possible that the Silver Cloth of Orion from the first film may soon become part of the confirmed Silver Cloths. Two Silver Cloths has been revealed in the Saint Seiya Encyclopedia, which represent the constellations of Crateris and Ara. Since the start of Saint Seiya: Next Dimension (sequel and prequel canonic), Crateris Suikyo has been revealed as a Saint who was active in the previous Holy War with Hades, while in The Lost Canvas, Ara Hakurei appears.

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