The Specters (冥闘士(スペクター), Supekutā) are the 108 warriors that make up Hades' army. All Specters reside in the Underworld where they serve many functions, such as judges, to ferrymen, keeping and protection of their world, or to inflict punishment to sinners. During the Holy War, they are more than formidable opponents against Athena and her Saints. Hades created the 108 Specters during the Mythological Era in order to rival Athena’s Gold Saints in power. However, only the highest ranking Specters and a few others just below them in rank possess the strength to match a Gold Saint. Their spirits are sealed in a tower 1000 miles west of Lushan Mountains. However the seal only lasts about 250 years and once the seal fades, the Specters are free to invade the living world. The reincarnation of the 108 Specters signals the start of the Holy War. As the seal fades, the Specter spirits roam the Earth to find human hosts who are destined to be Specter vessels. While fusing with their vessels’ souls, the bodies are altered until they become real demons of the Underworld.

There are several theories revolving around the origin of the 108 Specters. Some say they are the essence of the 108 vicious desires of Buddhism. Others state that multiplying 5 senses (smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight) plus thought, by whether they are painful, pleasant or neutral, and then again by whether these are internally generated or externally occurring, and yet again by past, present or future, we get 108 feelings (6 x 3 x 2 x 3 = 108). Other theories include the 108 stars of destiny of the Chinese tale called "Suikoden". In Homer's Odyssey, 108 is the number of suitors coveting Penelope, wife of Odysseus. Being the inhabitants of the Underworld itself, Specters do not die like other living creature. Even when they are reincarnated in human bodies, their Surplices protect their bodies from being harmed and also allows these bodies to travel to the Underworld without the use of the Eighth Sense.

The Specters are classified by ranks, the Celestial Star Specters, including the 3 Judges of the Underworld, are the highest ranking and also lead the Specters. The Terrestrial Star Specters fall into companies that are headed by their respective Judge. All Specters are under the command of Pandora, Hades's right hand and sister. She plays a role similar to that of the Pope in Sanctuary. Although, the true assistants of Hades is the god of death Thanatos and the god of sleep Hypnos.

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Many of Hades' Specters in form of custom Action Figures

List of Specters

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