Spica (スピカ, Supika) was in training under Cepheus Albior alongside Shun, Chameleon June and Reda. Like Shun, he fights equipped with chain weapons.


Spica is one of the students Cepheus Daidalos in the Andromeda Island , where shares lessons with June, Reda and Shun . Spica is one of the candidates to get the bronze cloth of Andromeda.During the fighting carried out to see who has the opportunity to make proof of slaughter against Shun faces. Spica soon take advantage of Shun that after several bumps and knocks chain on the neck of Shun. Shun gets up saying he wants to see his brother jumping on Spica which leaves out of combat. A day in the island reaches of Andromeda, Scorpio Milo sent by the Pope of the sanctuary to punish them, to believe them as traitors Shun rebelled against the sanctuary. Milo attacked them all, being Daidalos the only one who could put up with for a while, but eventually fell.Spica was one of the few who escaped alive from the island, shortly before Milo destroyed it. Spica is going along with Reda to Japan with the intent to kill Shun and thus appease the anger of the Sanctuary. When they are embraced Shun and June, and these to see them ask them to do there These tell Shun cut his head and offered to the shrine.Shun tries to talk to them, but they do not want to listen to Shun and throw against him. Shun tells June to use cloth and Reda it down with a kick. After Spica and Reda attack Shun with Double Nebula Chain with their chains.Shun tries to free itself but tells him not be released. Leda says that resistance is futile.But then recalling his brother, Shun begins to react by increasing their cosmos and manages to break the chains, among which was Reda and Leda caught knocking down. Spica and Leda are launched against Shun, but is this who gets rid of both after derribarles with the chains that had been hand in hand. Spica Shun got kicked in the mouth causing injury. That is his last appearance, then are not seen again.


Like most of anime exclusive characters, and his armor and his constellation are mentioned. His armor is almost identical to the Armor of Andromeda in its unique design of the anime, except for the color, the shape of the pads and helmet. It also includes a string in each arm, pinkish, ending in a double-bladed knife, and a sort of diamond shaped tip, from which arise 4 spikes.


  • Double Nebula Chain (ダブル・ネビュラチェーン, Daburu Nebyura Chēn): An attack performed in tandem with Reda. The two use their chains to restraint their opponents before strangling them.


  • Spica means "Tang" is Latin for "ear" and is named after the brightest star [1] in the constellation Virgo.
  • Spica has a tattoo or a birthmark under his right eye, a pink five-pointed star, perhaps in reference to the star of the same name.
  • Spica is unknown if killed in the battle against Shun or just gets knocked out, but apparently has not returned since.
  • Because dubbing errors in some versions, this character is considered a Silver Saint by fans.
  • Although the Gold Jump magazine, dedicated to the anime version of Saint Seiya, dubs it knight without armor or constellation, Sonota Saint, mercenaries in the service of the sanctuary, fans insist on believing that is the Knight of the constellation of Cassiopeia, Andromeda's mother, because the armor looks "feminine" and also because the history of this character is linked to that of others who have related armor elmito Andromeda Shun and Albiore.
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