Subaru (昴, Subaru) is a Steel Saint in Omega Era. He seems to have an unmastered Cosmo and desires to become a god.


Fearless, he loves fighting, although he is immature and not well suited for teamwork.


Subaru is one of the Steel Saints Mitsumasa Kido's technologically enhanced special backup unit for Athena's Saints, created decades ago.

One day, after learning about Pegasus Koga and his deeds, climbing the Twelve Temples and defeating both Mars and Abzu to be specific, he appeared at a Steel Saint training facility. He trained harder than anyone, never speaking to anyone, until one day he met Erna, another Steel Saint. He spoke to his new friend, declaring his intention to become like Koga, and to defeat him.

Chronology (Pallas-Hen)

Encountering Kōga

Subaru meets Koga and challenges him to fight against him ,since subaru since Kōga who killed the God of Darkness Abzu . When Subaru is challenging Kōga comes a Pallasite called Tarvos . Subaru puts his Steel Cloth  and starts fighting with Tarvos but tarvos was very strong and subaru is defeated.

New War

Subaru, Koga encounters with Souma at the Palaestra, where he is working as a substitute teacher. However, when the Tertiary Pallasite Loge, a master of spear combat appears at the Palaestra, Koga, Souma, and Subaru must work together to protect the students. Souma, Koga, and Subaru travel to meet Kiki and Raki in order to have Souma's cloth fixed. Yuna arrives there first, but upon having her cloth restored, she finds herself unable to use it and Kiki claims that it is due to her indecision that is wavering her Cosmo.

Subaru and the others learn that a Pallasite is after Ryuhou and rush to assist him, but when Ryuhou finds himself struggling to protect his mother Shunrei from the enemy, his renewed determination awakens his true power as the Dragon Saint and the new Dragon Cloth.

Koga and Subaru look for Haruto in Japan and find, much to their surprise, that he is now a singer in a rock band. Haruto rejects Koga's pleas to return, claiming that to him, his music is now more important than being a Saint. However, during a concert, Haruto watches Koga and Subaru being attacked by some Pallasites, and to protect his friends and his fans, he dons his brand new Wolf Cloth to join the battle. Koga and Subaru are sent by Shina to investigate the disappearance of a Silver Saint. Upon finding their missing companion, they are approached by the Pallasite Sesond Class Europa and the Pallasite Third Class Thebe and learn, much to their surprise that Eden is now working with them as a Tertiary Pallasite, with the promise of having Aria and the rest of his family revived. With orders to kill Koga, Eden attacks him mercilessly until Thebe decides to intervene and the Orion Saint reveals his true intentions as well as his new Orion Cloth. The Steel Saints training facility is stormed by the Pallasites led by Hati. Koga and Subaru arrive soon after and they learn that the residents had previously evacuated with former Bronze Saints Ban and Nachi. While investigating, Koga learns about Subaru's origins from his fellow Steel Saint Erna, and it is revealed that among the Steel Saints, Subaru has the strongest Cosmo, and that one day he may find his own Guardian Constelation and become a proper Saint.

Travel to Palaestra

Subaru walk to Palestra

After deciding to go with Koga and then defeat, reaching the shrine, there are with Shaina , enter in a short battle in which surprises his opponent for his cosmo. Moments later at Palaestra meet Sōma and together they go where they are Geki and the other Saints of Steel in entrenamient.Mas later joins the fight against Loge and his bees, dedicating this to repel, in combat need a change of Steel Cloth .

Journey To Pallas Belda

Subaru and his friends are ambushed by the Pallasite Third Class Cyllene and Haruto stays behind to confront him. Subaru decides to assist him ignoring his friends' warning and the two find later that they must fight not only Cyllene but also his twin brother Greip.

Battle Of Pallas Belda

Souma and Subaru fall back to assist the other Steel Saints in time to rescue only two of them, Kerry and Emma. Soon after, they are attacked by Loge and forced to retreat once Souma is injured. Surrounded by the enemy forces, Souma and the Steel Saints must work together to break Loge's siege and fight back. Europa was sent in a mission to kill Koga, but has a hard time fighting the enemy until Subaru unleashes an impressive power that was dormant within him.

The second day of battles begin, and Koga, Ryuhou, Haruto, and Subaru take a chance to make a beeline for the Palace until they are intercepted by Mira, a Pallasite of unknown rank who fights without donning his Chronotector. Despite seemingly at a disadvantage, Mira easily overpowers the party with his speed and his Alchemy Glove's mysterious power to destroy Saint Cloths just by touching them, until Haruto realizes his trick and comes up with a way to fight back, but Mira is barely scathed by the counter. Just as he is about to don his Chronotector, he is interrupted by Europa.

Subaru and his friends meet Celeris, who fights to protect the refugees with the Equuleus Cloth, despite taking heed of the dreaded curse that befalls whoever dons it. They also meet Selene, a young girl who takes care of all the humans who hide underground who has not been frozen in time, and Eden, with something to protect, has to fight Thebe once again, while Subaru and Celeris encounter Hati and have a short battle with him. Subaru returns to assist the Equuleus Saint, and can do little to stop him from sacrificing himself to defeat Hati. Before passing away, Celeris entrusts the damaged Equuleus Clothstone to Subaru, and upon rejoining his fellow Bronze Saints, Subaru unlocks its true power to protect them, becoming a Bronze Saint as well.

As a Bronze Saint

Main article: Equuleus Subaru

Omega Manga

In Palestra

The introduction of Subaru differs significantly compared to the anime: it leads to the Palestra under the direction of Sōma when Tarvos attack the school. Alongside Souma and Yuna, he tries to stand up to the Pallasites. The trio is saved by the arrival of Kouga, who defeated quickly intrusive

New War

Subaru is present at the gathering of the Saints Shrine prelude to their entry into the war . Unlike the anime, it does not seem to be troubled at the sight of Athena.

After which he left with Kōga looking for the legendary Saint Andromeda Shun . Along the way , the duo enters a village whose inhabitants were fixed by Pallasites . They then meet Hati , Subaru challenges immediately. However, Subaru defeated quickly and Kōga then takes over. It merely a bystander in subsequent fighting also involving Titan with both hands " Tenjinsōseiken " Europe and Dragon . At the end of these games , Shun appeared.

The legendary hosts the Saint in a place where he gathered many refugees , which include Ray . Subaru tries to talk with him ( in the anime, this role is to Yuna ) but is interrupted by the Halimède . A fight ensues between Shun and the latter battle in which Subaru intervenes first to face - in vain - to Halimède himself and to confront his henchmen alongside Kōga and Ryuho

The reunion with Erna and the latter's death in the arms of Subaru occur similarly to the anime. The major difference concerns the identity of the assassin: Thebe. The victory of the Steel Saint nevertheless follows the same pattern as in the original media. 

Subaru's True Form

Subaru takes in the life force that is aborbed through Pallas and Athena's snake brace coil to revive his original form! Europa also reveals his true chronotector cloth that is much superiour than Titan's and Seiya's cloth and cosmo that is able to deflect their punches from his body. Kouga and the rest are shocked to find out Europa has taken control the two godesses cosmo and transfer it to Subaru and reveals his true nature as not human but superiour than a god. His true divinity name is finally revealed... "SATURN" as his name is yelled out with passion from Europa. He is much powerful and stronger than the '12 Olympian Gods' as he has two goddesses cosmo and boosting his godly vast cosmo to a higher level than the Omegas' cosmo.


In Astronomy

Subaru (Pleiades).jpg

The Pleiades (/ˈplaɪ.ədiːz/ or /ˈpliː.ədiːz/), or Seven Sisters (Messier object 45 or M45), is an open star cluster containing middle-aged hot B-type stars located in the constellation of Taurus. It is among the nearest star clusters to Earth and is the cluster most obvious to the naked eye in the night sky. The name Pleiades comes from Greek mythology; the celestial entity has several meanings in different cultures and traditions.

In Mythology

The Pleiades (/ˈplaɪ.ədiːz/ or /ˈpliːədiːz/; Ancient Greek: Πλειάδες [pleːádes], Modern [pliˈaðes]), companions of Artemis, were the seven daughters of the titan Atlas and the sea-nymph Pleione born on Mount Cyllene. They are the sisters of Calypso, Hyas, the Hyades, and the Hesperides. The Pleiades were nymphs in the train of Artemis, and together with the seven Hyades were called the Atlantides, Dodonides, or Nysiades, nursemaids and teachers to the infant Bacchus.


  • Pleiades Impact (プレアデスインパクト, Pureadesu Inpakuto): Subaru channels cosmos energy into his hands and throws shooting star punches, similar to the Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken


  • Subaru's Steel Cloth is reminiscent of the appearance of the character Megaman from the Megaman Metaseries of games and media. note the upper red crystal piece upon his helmet, as well as the general color scheme, and mechanical nature of the steel cloth itself.
  • According to Sky Cloth Shō (Omega), Marine Cloth Ushio (Omega) and Land Cloth Daichi (Omega), Subaru is a pride of the Steel Saints.
  • This character has a strong resemblance to Ikki. It is also has the same face like Seiya and his armor has a similar aesthetic version of the first Pegasus Cloth of Seiya. Out of curiosity, the Bronze cloth bears some resemblance to the Pegasus, being Horse Minor (Equuleus), a constellation, similar to Pegasus. There is a  hint is for Subaru as he appears on the poster next to Ikki, being able to have a relationship for the two, it is also strange that Subaru feels a great emotion and melancholy to see Ikki, even though he is unable to look in its eyes directly.
  • Subaru is the fifth protagonist who becomes an antagonist when he transformed into Saturn. The first saint to become host was Andromeda Shun by becoming Hades, the second is Alone (TLC) to become the host of Hades in the XVIII century , the third is Pegasus Kōga to become the host of Abzu, and the fourth was Equuleus Kyōko of Saintia-Sho to become the host of Eris. 
  • He is the first Steel Saint to use an attack based on his cosmo. Pleiades Impact is a pun because Subaru's name is a Japanese name of the Pleiades, which is a constellation of seven stars.
  • Eden and Subaru are shown to have a small rivalry. According to the mythology of the Pleiades, it was Orion who was assigned to hunt them down.
  • When Subaru put on his friend Erna's Steel Cloth it was turquoise, but seconds later it was the navy blue of Subaru's cloth.