Super Musical Saint Seiya, the 2011 musical adaptation of the 1987 manga and anime series Saint Seiya by Kurumada Masami, ended a huge success following the steps of the Bandai Saint Seiya Musicals in 1991.

Super Musical Saint Seiya was based on the anime's first movie, Saint Seiya: Evil Goddess Eris. The story revolves around the girl named Eri, the second caretaker of the Star Children Acedemy where Seiya and his lost sister Seika grew up.

When Eri wished upon a star one night, the Greek goddess of discord took her wish and used it to revive herself. Eventually, goddess Eris possessed Eri's body and kidnapped goddess Athena in Eris' Sanctuary. with this, Eris aimed to control the world by sucking up Athena's energy with the golden apple to hold her body. She then revived the Ghost Saints, the dead saints of the past to fight on her behalf.

It is said that even people who doesn't know Saint Seiya will definitely enjoy the play, and one reason for that is the music that they used throughout the show for it turned out to be a rock opera. Aside from that, the costumes that they used are well-crafted and looks like real robes; the stage lighting which contributes a lot for the effects and the stage itself with big mirrors and a grand staircase completed the whole scene plus the great acting of the cast themselves.

Cocoa Otoko.'s vocalist Kamakari Kenta who is best known in his roles in Musical Prince of Tennis as Shishido Ryo and Musical (and anime) Air Gear as Minami Ikki played the role of Pegasus Seiya alongside with Tomita Maho as the Goddess Athena/Kido Saori. With them, Uenobori Makoto (Hitoji Yuuji in TeniMyu) was given the role of Dragon Shiryu, Abe Naoki as Cygnus Hyoga, Shinotani Hijiri (Kai Yuujiro in TeniMyu) as Andromeda Shun and Hirose Yusuke (Ishida Gin in TeniMyu and Ieyasu Tokugawa in Sengoku BASAARA stage) as Phoenix Ikki.

On the other hand, the Ghost Saints were played by Matsuzaki Yutaka (TeniMyu and Buzzer Beat) as Orion Jager, Fujiwara Yuuki (TeniMyu) as Cross Khristos, Saito Yasuka (TeniMyu and GoGo Sentai Boukenger) as Lyra Orpheus, Ookawa Genki (TeniMyu) as Sagitta Maya and Hayashino Takeshi (TeniMyu) as Scutum Jan while Yuzawa Kouichirou played Goddes Eris, Yoshida Hitomi as Eri and Uehara Kenta as Tatsumi.

Super Musical Saint Seiya was held in Space Zero last July 28th to 31st and was streamed live at NicoNico Douga.