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Surplices ( 冥衣(サープリス), Sāpurisu) are the armors worn by the 108 Specters, the army of the god Hades. They are equivalent to Athena's Cloths, Pallas Chronotectors, Odin's God Robes, Eris Leaf, and Poseidon's Scales.

According to the legend, Surplices are made from minerals from the Underworld, and they represent monsters from various mythologies and literary works.

In the original manga, their color is black, but in the anime adaptation of the series, some of them are also violet, indigo, dark grey, dark green and even red and gold. 

Surplices allow Specters also to travel to the Underworld without having to burn their Cosmo up to levels comparable to the Eighth Sense.

Although Specters are divided into Terrestrial and Celestial Specters according to their evil star, there isn't a clear distinction between the material in which they are built for either of them (unlike Athena's Bronze, Silver or Gold Cloths). Also, there is no information regarding the potential ability of the Surplices to either heal or evolve and no indication that they may even be alive. Some of them proved to be very resistant while others were easily destroyed by simple blows, not regarding the rank of the wearer.

Hades, Hypnos, and Thanatos have their own Surplices soaked with their divine blood, however, they are not true Kamui or God Cloths.

Saints who are resurrected as Specters by Hades have their Cloths turned into Surplices.


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