Tarantula Arachne (蜘蛛座(タランチュラ)のアラクネ, Taranchura no Arakune)) is the Silver Saint of Tarantula. He is an anime-only character.


Positioned Arachne reminiscent of spiders.

Arachne is sent by Phaeton to Jamir to seek help from Mu to find the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, as it had disappeared from the Sanctuary. Arachne comes up to Jamir and goes to the foot of Mount Jandara, where he meets Mu's assistant Kiki waiting at the foot of the mountain to Seiya back with water fountain in the mountaintop.

Arachne ask Kiki about the whereabouts of Mu, but he does not know where he is. Arachne gets angry because he thinks he is cheating, and hurls Kiki against some rocks, but Seiya intercepts him before he hit them.

Then Arachne faces Seiya. The Bronze Saint, without his Cloth, is weakened because he had to spend much energy on the mountain. Arachne catches Seiya withitn his "Tarantula Net" and becomes draining his energy. Arachne wonders how such a weak Saint could have defeated Lizard Misty.

When he was going to give Seiya the coup de grace, Iron Saint Sho appears and challenges Arachne. He tries to catch Sho with his "Tarantula Net", but Sho absorbs it thanks to the fans of his armor, and returns the attack with an energy blast.

Seiya uses this time to regain energy and get rid of the fabric of Arachne, wears his Pegasus Cloth and launches his "Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken" against Arachne, who receives the full impact and dies.


  • Tarantula Net (タランチュラネット, Taranchura Netto): Arachne takes a position as simulating a spider, then sends a network that drains the power of enemy until he dies.


  • Arachne means "spider".
  • Arachne is the name of a mythological character, confronted in a competition to Athena to see who was better weaver. Arachne recognized the victory, but did not like the theme used, so hit him. This caused Arachne went mad and committed suicide. Athena took pity on her and reincarnated into a spider, so he could continue weaving.
  • Arachne is one of the few exclusive anime-only Saints which is identified as Silver Saint, making clear its range.
  • There is no constellation of the Tarantula, however there is a former constellation that represents the Spider (Aranea).
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