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Taurus Ox (牡牛座(タウラス)のオックス, Taurasu no Okkusu) The Taurus Gold Saint in the 18th century, Ox is a giant who also wields the power of the Golden Bull.

Plot (Next Dimension)

The arrival of Athena

Ox is presented punishing newcomers Aries Shion and Libra Dohko for disobeying orders and trying a failed mission to kill the chosen to be the body of Hades, as it prepares to launch its Great Horn on them, Pegasus Tenma stops him but Ox relieves it easily, again is preparing to launch his technique but this time you are stopped by Capricorn Izō telling him to take charge of the punish to which Ox warned to be careful with that sword cutting edge of the ravine only where they were Shion, and Tenma Dohko vacuum they fall, Ox wonders why the mere thought interfered threaten a little this tells him that his power could have killed them.

They begin to discuss the information given by Shion and Dohko, had raised hell but there was no evidence that Athena was born at that time without the Goddess to guide their defeat will inevitably come to see the Cloth of talking about the mysterious Crateris ability they have, (show the future of the people watching the reflection in the water inside it) wondering if the place where Athena is the future.

At that time you hear one from a friend who asked if they still do not know where Athena appears then Virgo Shijima which tells them that he could feel the cosmos of Athena in a distant space-time, the vast cosmos Athena is coming to this dimension. Once completed this Shijima told to wait calmly the arrival of Athena. After Athena's journey into the past with the present Ox in the Sanctuary witness the arrival of Athena at the foot of the Statue of Athena these are directed to the site, once there appears the patriarch who takes in his arms to the small Athena and orders them to return to guard their temples.

Holy War Begins

Once started the attack of the spectra led by Garuda Suikyō in the Twelve Houses, Tenma and Shun are directed to where it is protecting the baby Shijima Athena, on arrival at the Temple of Taurus are intercepted by Ox after telling all happened even though he refuses to believe them combining their attacks are no match for the Ox this easily defeat after this battle quickly gives them over to see the arrival of the spectra of the Temple of Taurus with a single movement of his hands while they are sprayed notes the arrival of commanding the attack Suikyō. During this attack, Ox kills 4 specter with a single shot.

Garuda Suikyō vs Taurus Ox

Ox against Suikyō

With the advent of Suikyō, this warns him sitting standing position is no match for him, to hear this Ox laughs as he warns that if it takes three steps but only get to lose your life, do not follow a warning Suikyō and approaches to cope with a wave of his hand Suikyō Ox attacks the sound of the blow is felt by the Shrine to the Temple of Aries where Shion Suikyō to believe that the attack fallen back into combat Suikyō was thrown a great distance down the stairs this is badly hurt, begins to rise back to the Temple of Taurus, Ox praises the strength of the surplice as he questioned why Athena betrayed by not getting a response is prepared to attack again, only that this time Suikyō stops the movement of your hand through a defensive wall, Ox decide to take seriously the fight and put up while the other hand attacks but this attempt becomes futile haser defense against Suikyō saw this Ox is prepared to do their best to attack the Great Horn Suikyō warns that it is too late had used all its force from the beginning at this time Byakuya Hisou

ikki sees the body of Ox

Renge begins making spears pierce Ox begin until it is killed but he's still standing, while praising the incredible progress Suikyō opponent was.While traveling by Ikki Twelve Houses to help their peers, meets Ox at the responses obterner not realize this was already dead but his body still stood protecting the Temple of Taurus.

Odysseus and Ox

The spirit of Ox stood still at the entrance to the underworld, on the banks of the river Acheron. Thanks to the intervention of the thirteenth Gold Saint of Ophiuchus legendary, Odysseus, Ox returns to life at the second house of the zodiac. Then he fell asleep in a deep sleep from Odysseus, because Ox being a faithful Saint of Athena did not intend to continue the thirteenth Gold Saints. During these events, it is learned that Ox, when he was young, followed a very harsh training in which he was wounded several times, and these wounds were all healed by Odysseus.[1]


Great Horn (グレートホーン, Gurēto Hōn): A purely physical attack and destructive. Ox concentrates all his cosmo and then steal the releases that power forward causing a powerful shockwave destroys everything. As is said in the course of the duel with Suikyō, the Great Horn is the shot most unpredictable of gold saint, as it is difficult for the opponent to predict the trajectory of the attack.


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