The Approaching Shadow! The Gold Saints Protecting Athena! (迫る影!アテナ守りし黄金聖闘士(ゴールドセイント)!, Semaru Kage! Atena Mamorishi Gōrudo Seinto!) is the 84th episode of the second season of the Saint Seiya Omega series. The episode has been released on December 22, 2013 on TV Asahi.


On their way to reach Pallas, Seiya, Athena, Kiki, Fudō and Harbinger are being set in a room as Paradox announced to be their opponent. Paradox made various attempts to kill Athena, but when the final attack almost strikes Athena, it got blocked by her sister Integra. The two are fighting each other to finish the battle that they had a while ago.


Athena and the Gold Saints

Fudō's possible discovery.

The group is on their way to reach Pallas, which Seiya and Kiki both defeated the enemy in the hall. Fudō notices that they have only seen foot soldiers, Harbinger believes that the stronger opponents are afraid of them. Meanwhile, Kōga and the others are also seen wondering how long they've been running. Kōga tells the group to stay focussed, which Hyōgo felt that someone was watching them. Meanwhile, Ryūhō and his father are also running through the corridor, which Shiryū notices that they might been lost in a labyrinth which he hopes that he is mistaken which the two are running off again. Chakram Europe reveals that they are inside a infinite corridor which they can run however they want but they will never escape.

Paradox's attack got blocked

Paradox's attack got blocked.

Seiya, Athena and the others are in a unknown room. Paradox appears telling Athena that she have been waiting for her. After Paradox have revealed her position, the group starts to protect Athena strictly. Seiya tells Paradox that Athena got no time for her. Paradox tells them that she isn't worth of them protection. She then disappears and re-appears behind Athena, which she tells them that everyone loves Athena because she happens to be born as a goddess. Paradox then attacks Athena, but is blocked by Kiki's Crystal Wall. Paradox then attempts another attack towards Athena, but she is countered by Integra. Integra then starts to prepare to battle Paradox to make an end to all of her wickedness. Athena tells Integra that she cannot do it alone, but Integra ensured Athena that she must leave it to her.

Fisting clash

Paradox defends herself with one hand.

Integra and Paradox starts to battle each other, which the two are talking while battling. Integra tells Paradox that she has sneaked inside of the castle to wait until Paradox appears because Paradox was waiting to kill Athena. Paradox tells Integra that Integra would come if she attacks Athena, thus making it that Integra was falling in Paradox's trap. Paradox prepares to take everything from Integra, which she launches a attack that Integra dodges. Integra makes launches her attack, which the two attacks are clashing with each other. Integra tells Paradox that she will protect the peoples at Earth and Athena. Integra starts to lose from Paradox which Seiya wants to help her out but got hold back by Integra herself. Wondering why Integra does not want help from them against her sister, it is explained by Kiki, Fudō, and Athena herself. Meanwhile, the saints who are still running are feeling a overwhelming collision of Cosmo, from which Shiryū notices that the Geminis had begun to fight. Meanwhile, [[Great Sword Gallia|Gallia] is enjoying the fight between the two sisters while Hyperion leaves the room.

Integra hits Paradox

Integra hits Paradox.

The battle between Paradox and Integra continues, which Paradox makes a big blow towards Integra and quickly knees her towards her stomach. Paradox then begins her progress to silence her, but Harbinger interfers. Harbinger explains his reason why he interfered in the battle. Paradox then tells Athena that she is guilty as she is, which Paradox explains why, which she tells her that Pallas is like a sister to her, but came here only to kill her. Paradox then came with that Athena have killed more Saints than that she can count, claiming that she isn't a goddess but a murderer. Integra's Cosmo starts to rise and starts to hit Paradox after what Paradox told to Athena.

Clash of powerful techniques

Clash of powerful techniques.

Integra launches punches towards Paradox explaining what she thinks about Athena, but Paradox simply avoiding the attacks. Paradox anger rises starting to attack Integra, explaining her side of her story to Integra. Paradox made a hard attack which sends Integra flying. Paradox then launches the strongest technique of a Gemini Saint: Galaxian Ultimation towards Integra, but they are clashing again when Integra uses Galaxian Explosion. If the technique still continues to clash each other, than Pallas's castle will be caught in a star-destroying explosion. Paradox tells Integra that she will take everything with her. Integra tells Athena to run because it is dangerous, but Athena says that she cannot run because it is her duty to see how this battle ends.

Integra wants to make an end to Paradox

Integra wants to make an end to Paradox.

After what Athena tells Integra, her Cosmo starts to rise, wondering Paradox about such a massive Cosmo, which Integra explains it to her. Integra won the battle against her sister. Interga wants to kill her sister but she hesitates. Paradox yells at her that she must finish it, when Interga is about to do it she got stopped by Athena. Athena explains that Integra would never forgive herself if she killed her sister, but Integra tells Athena that she was prepared for it. Athena explains further which angers Paradox, which Athena comes closer to Paradox telling Athena to get away from her because she was trying to kill her. Athena tries to use her Cosmo to save Paradox's life which leaves Integra wondering why Athena is going to far for Paradox.

After that Athena removed the hatred from Paradox, Integra asks Paradox to join the Saints again. Paradox then tries to run away telling that she isn't a Saint any more and that she lived her whole life in hatred. Suddenly, Fudō senses another Cosmo directly before Gallia arrives at the battlefield and kills Paradox telling her that she gave her one last chance. Gallia then tells the remaining Saints that the world doesn't need love and all what's left for them is despair.





  • (Paradox to Athena and the Saints) "It isn't love that wins battles...It's hate!"
  • (Integra to Paradox) "You long for an impossible future! I swear on my name, as the Gold Saint of Gemini, that I will protect them! The people of Earth and the goddess Athena!"
  • (Gallia to Hyperion) "What fun would that be? Let the maggots fight each other, and watch the bloody battle from a distance. What could be more amusing?"
  • (Harbinger to Paradox) "I never knew my parents or brothers. But I can't stand by and watch as sisters kill each other!"
  • (Integra to Paradox) "You understand nothing. Love is a heart that feels compassion for life. That is true strength! But you mock life, seeking only for love... I am a guardian of Athena. You can never hope to defeat me!"
  • (Seiya) "Integra's love overwhelmed Paradox's hate."
  • (Paradox to Integra) "Why do you hesitate? You hate me, right?! Hurry up and finish me already! Don't make me embarrass myself further!"
  • (Athena to Integra) "If you kill Paradox, your sister, you will never forgive yourself. Are you all right with that?"
  • (Integra to Athena) "I am prepared. If taking my wicked sister's life is a sin, I shall carry the burden of that sin."
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