The Black Phoenix (ブラック フェニックス, Burakkufenikkusu) also called the Ikki's Shadows are a group of warriors from the Death Queen Island under command of Phoenix Ikki, sent to attack the Tokyo Coliseum during the Galaxian Wars and steal the Sagittarius Gold Cloth.

Its origins can be traced to the time when the Black Saints managed to produce the Black Cloths, they made several copies of the Phoenix Cloth to equip their lower ranking soldiers. Strictly, they're not Black Saints as they do not appear to use their cosmo to fight, and are easily defeated by Bronze Saints.


Manga Version

The Black Phoenix manga version

This is the form the Black Phoenix  takes during the original Saint Seiya series' manga. Ikki's Shadow "earned" their Cloths on Death Queen Island, and they were first seen when Ikki's Shadow's appeared at Ikki's side in volume 3

Anime Version

(Black Phoenixs) are a group led by Black Phoenix Saints, in the manga is 5, in the anime are a large group, each carrying a piece of armor of Sagittarius. Seiya defeat one another defeat Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun one another. Also in the group defeat Seiya anime. There is only one that binds to Jango.


  • In the manga are 5 The Black Phoenix, in the anime are a large group of The Phoenix Black.
  • They have some protections with black designs, replicas of the protection used by their Master (not Black Saints, but rather minions with some armor protection simplicadas, there is no particular information about them), so as to Docrates Subodinados Docrates who followed and who followed a gray Cuevos Jamian