The Life That Was Saved by Seiya! Revive, Legend of the Saints! is the first episode of the first season of the Saint Seiya Omega series. The episode has been released on April 1, 2012 on TV Asahi.


Saori Kido as Athena watches over peace on Earth from Sanctuary and over young Koga, until an invader causes commotion when he tries to kidnap Athena and the baby. Koga is saved from certain death by the timely arrival of Gold Saint Seiya, who engages the mysterious invader, who reveals his identity as Mars. A new conflict begins as Seiya and Mars battle for the fate of Koga, who years later, determined to live his life as he sees fit, challenging Athena.


12 years after their victory against Hades, Saori Kido still watches over the peace on Earth from Sanctuary as Athena and over a little baby. One day, the God of War, Mars, invades the Sanctuary. Seiya, the former Pegasus Bronze Saint and now the Sagittarius Gold Saint, comes to their rescue. Both powerhouses struggle to win as the baby observes them.

13 years later, the baby, now a young man named Kōga, is training to become a Saint by his teacher, the Silver Saint Ophiucius Shaina. However, he still has problems mastering his Cosmo. On the same island where Kōga is training, Saori is being cared for by her loyal butler, Tatsumi. Unfortunately, Saori harbors a wound she received from Mars 13 years ago when he fought Seiya. As she reacts to the wound, on the planet Mars, the God of War himself recovers from the wounds he suffered. While Kōga struggles to remember where he met Seiya, Saori gives Kōga a special necklace with a shiny stone.

Just then, Mars returns, wanting to kidnap Saori and that's when Kōga discovers Saori is Athena. Mars' Darkness Cosmo reacts to Saori's wound and it begins to overpower her. Shaina tries to fight Mars, but she's no match for him and is defeated. Kōga steps up to try and save Saori and the necklace reacts his Cosmos. The necklace, known as the Cloth Stone, is revealed to be Seiya's former Pegasus Cloth, which covers Kōga. After receiving encouragement from Seiya's spirit, Kōga burns his Cosmo and attacks with the Meteor of Pegasus.




  • Pegasus Ryūsei Ken (Pegasus Meteor Fist)
  • Murus Ignis
  • Rubellu Sidus Gungnir
  • Thunder Claw