• You are in danger of comitting 3RR and are actively edit warring with an admin. You have been a good user up until now, so I’m lettting you off with a warning this time. Should you continue this abusive behavior I will block you.

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    • It certainly wasn't my intention to start an edit war.

      I have been seeing certain pages that lack sources or any kind of reference from where they come from, which gives me all the right to say that they are possibly made-up.

      Per example, the pages that I marked as candidates for deletion, certainly look questionable, not only for the unsourced information, but also for having fan art in them (thing that goes against the wiki rules, if I'm correct).

      I think we should try to verify these pages and delete the fake ones and source the real ones (or at least add some kind of notice that the content maybe not be accurate).

      In the meantime, I'll keep checking for fan art images to remove them from articles.

      Tell me what do you think.

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    • Fan art has been allowable on this wiki for years, especially when no official image exists. I see no reason to start a hunt for them at this point. If nothing else we can simply add a category for “fan images” or concept art.

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    • What's the point for an article to have an made-up image? That would mean that I can just make a doodle and put it in a page. If there is no official image to add, then nothing should be added.

      I don't know what the policies about images are in this wikia, but I would suggest to add something about this particular point.

      And for the other topic, what do you think about the pages with no source? Per example: the Tigris Cloth page says that it belongs to Ōko, a filler character that only appears and dies in a single episode, and that was never a saint.

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    • As per the wiki community guidelines, the admins of a wiki get to decide what content is allowed on the wiki. If you don’t agree with our image policies here, then feel free to edit elsewhere or create your own Saint Seiya wiki where you can make those decisions about allowable content. This is the end of the discussion.

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    • Hey, it was just a suggestion, there is no reason to be that aggressive.

      And sorry that I have to insist on this but what do you think about having pages with no sourced information? This would be important, as it is to verify that the information is not false.

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