The Unicorn Cloth is the cloth of the saint Jabu in Saint Seiya and Yato in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. It is of the lowest class of the cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Bronze Cloths.

Unicorn, The Horned Horse

Unicorns were believed to be real to the Greeks, and even used as a metaphor in modern Biblical translations for a horned beast of great strength. Such a creature was believed to have come from India. It was called the Monoceros, a Greek word, which had a horse body with a horn on the center of the forehead, of a certain length.

Home of the Horn

Jabu trained to be a Saint in Oran, Algeria during the period the other orphans were. The cloth was likely kept in this area by his master to be given to one who was proved to be a Saint. During The Lost Canvas, Yato is the Saint who receives the Unicorn Bronze Cloth. It is not revealed where he got his cloth, having had it since the beginning of the series.

Previous War

While the Unicorn Bronze Cloth wasn't seen often in the original Saint Seiya series, the Saints of Pegasus and Unicorn traveled together in The Lost Canvas and fought their way through the guardians of the forest that protected Hades' Castle. He eventually helps power the ship to take them to The Lost Canvas, and pilots it in honor of his fellow Bronze Saints who fell. He's turned to stone with most of the other Saints on the way to The Lost Canvas. It is unknown what happens to the cloth between the series' latest chapter and the beginning of the original series, after Yato's eventual death.

Special Abilities of Bronze Cloth of Unicorn

The Unicorn Bronze Cloth seems to only have one particular special attribute of the cloth, which is a horn atop the head, which could be used as a weapon if the Unicorn Saint were to headbutt a foe. That said, it is never shown if it would be used in a fight.

Techniques used by Unicorn Saints

Between Jabu and Yato, one major attack was shown for the Unicorn Saint during their few battles in the various series.

  • Unicorn Gallop: An attack used by the Bronze Saint of Unicorn. In the manga, it appears to be a charged tackle, based on the angle of the body and the position of one knee. It was strong enough to take out three Specters. In the anime, it seems much weaker, taking the form of a kick, and is never used against said Specters.



  • Unicorn Cloth V1: The V1 is the first version of Unicorn Cloth.
  • Unicorn Cloth V2: The V2 is the second version of Unicorn Cloth, it has been repaired with the blood of Crane Yuzuriha.

Saint Seiya

  • Unicorn Cloth V2: The V1 is the first version of Unicorn Cloth.
  • Unicorn Cloth V2 (unofficial): The V2 is the second version of Unicorn Cloth, so far we do not know how it has been repaired (Manga-only).