Unicorn Jabu (一角獣座(ユニコーン)の邪武, Yunikōn no Jabu) is the Legendary Bronze Saint of the Monoceros [Unicorn] constellation.

Chronology (86)

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Chronology (Mars-Hen)

After the events of Saint Seiya, he appears as a farmer who nurtures a great admiration for horses, as he said, horses are pure.

After Lionet Sōma failed in his battle against Hornet Sonia in the Fire Ruins, he leaves Koga and the others but faints after running for three days. He is saved by a mysterious man later revealed to be Jabu, who Soma knows as the Unicorn saint. Jabu, sensing the young saint's angry cosmos, asks Soma why he fights and he can not answer. Soma defends himself by asking Jabu the same question and he answers, "For what I love. "

After that he becomes Soma's master to increase his skills and cosmo, managing to make the young saint develop his new hit, the Lionet Bomber, during the struggle against Sonia. It is visible the evolution of Soma, both in use of kicks, a skill unspoilt by Lionet Saint, as in agility and speed, including escaping a coup multiple of Sonia, all influence direct fighting style Jabu prioritizing avoidance and the use of blows with legs .

After training he bids farewell to Lionet Sōma wondering if the doubts of the Bronze Saint had ended and wishing him luck.

Jabu later returns to aid a squadron of Steel Saints under fire by Aegir, wearing a Steel Cloth patterned after his original Unicorn Cloth. Despite his armor only being Steel, Jabu was still able to shatter Aegir's armor with his Unicorn Gallop attack. He is also mentioned of being responsible of wiping out the Pallasites from the rest of the world. When he was informed of Athena's whereabouts, Jabu declined to meet with her, believing he was no longer meant to stand by her side.


Jabu fires a Unicorn Charge

  • Unicorn Gallop-Unicorn Jabu strikes his opponent rapidly with a flurry of cosmo-charged kicks.
  • Unicorn Charge-Unicorn Jabu fires a unicorn-shaped blast of cosmo at his enemy.


  • At the beginning of the series, Jabu was the only Bronze Saint who was no longer in active service of Athena, having retired to become a rancher. His fellow Bronzes Wolf Nachi, Lionet Ban and Bear Geki had relinquished their positions as saints to become teachers, while Hydra Ichi remained a Saint. Jabu and the other bronze saints would later return as Steel Saints.
  • In Omega season 2, Jabu appears with a Steel Cloth, but on the official Toei website, he is considered a Bronze Saint.
  • Jabu's customized Steel cloth includes a helmet modelled after the manga version of his bronze cloth, custom-designed shoulders and dual Steel Bolt Arrow launchers (as opposed to the typical steel saint being armed with only one).


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