Vela Tsubaki (帆座のツバキ Ho-za no Tsubaki?Several aspirants to the status of Saint of Athena are featured in Lost Canvas in supporting roles. Also, several Saints appear as subordinates to higher-ranking Saints, among them two Silver Saints and one Bronze Saint, subordinated to Capricorn ElCid who appear in both manga and anime but plays a role in the anime adaptation only.

Anachronistic error

The constellation of Vela (The Sails) did not exist yet at the time of the Lost Canvas. It was introduced about twenty years later.


His story in the anime is similar, but broader. He mentioned a former training partner named Pakia who defected before getting his armor, though it seemed he would become the right hand of Capricorn El Cid. Tsubaki and colleagues are always displayed as El Cid never discouraged  and wants to accompany him when he goes on a mission, it is too protective of the men in charge, and do not want to fall into their lifestyle, which keeps training to perfect, ignoring everything else.

Despite the orders of El Cid, Tsubaki and his companions decide to follow when in search of the soul of Sagittarius Sisyphus, witnessing how El Cid and  Pegasus Tenma bust out the World of Dreams. When they go to help Tsubaki realizes that Rusk is afraid, but he said that while they are together there is nothing to fear.The Saints attack together with the Housing Argo, but can not harm the god Oneiros, who attacks them with his technique Oracle Of The Guardian . Before dying Tsubaki said to El Cid that despite how things have turned out, are proud to be able to fight with his teacher at least once before they die.

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