Virgo Asmita (乙女座(バルゴ)のアスミタ, Barugo no Asumita) is the Virgo Gold Saint in Lost Canvas. Asmita is blind (being called "The Blind Saint"), and says his eyes remain closed and he can't open them. His name "Asmita" is the Hindi word for "modesty". 


The betrayal of Aspros

Two years before the rise of the Holy War between Hades and Athena told in The Lost Canvas, the Gold Saint Gemini Aspros betrays the Sanctuary and plans the murder of Pope Sage, driven by jealousy to learn that he had appointed Sagittarius Sisyphus as his successor and not him. To minimize suspicion, Aspros runs over his twin brother, Gemini Defteros, with his mind controling technique, Genrōmaōken, and sends him to the presence of Pope Sage. already prevented and stopped calmly fist Defteros. This triggers Aspros's appearance and offers to kill his twin brother, begging the Pope to turn around, for him not to watch the fratricide. Sage agrees, Aspros uses the occasion to seek revenge and tries to kill him. Virgo Asmita, called by Pope Sage in suspicion of Gemini Aspros's intentions, is them forced to intervene. With a protective barrier, he protects both Sage and himself, lamenting that someone like Aspros could have fallen so low, and prepares to start a Battle of the Thousand Days against him.

Aspros repels Asmita's attack, but brings Defteros between them, stating he's not going to be his rival, but his beloved twin brother is. Virgo asks Sage to address Defteros while he took care of Aspros, understanding a bit later why he was assigned to this delicate task. Through his technic Abolition of Doubts, Asmita enters Defteros' tortured mind, sees his true personality and dispels all doubts. To let know Asmita, in a way, he is also responsible for the betrayal of his brother and that he alone can make the difference between them cease to exist, Defteros attacks Aspros piercing his chest with his hands and thus liberating him from Genrōmaōken of . Before dying, Aspros understands why the presence of Asmita was necessary, since he was the only one capable of reasoning with his twin, and soon after applies Genrōmaōken to himself, swearing to everyone that he'd return stronger than ever, to take back the throne the Pope Sage denied him.

The fruits of Mokurenji

Asmita's first appearance in the Lost Canvas occured during the search for the fruits of the tree Mokurenji , when  Tenma appears  in the Seventh Prison the Underworld through the waterfall of blood on which stands the tree which was considered the only living entity in that place. Although the body of Asmita is in the sanctuary, having plunged into deep meditation and through his enormous cosmos, the Gold Saint has transferred his spirit to Tenma and paralyzed time for his companions, Unicorn Yato and Crane Yuzuriha, so that no one may witness their encounter. Sensing the presence of Tenma, Asmita says she is disappointed in Tenma, whom Asmita did not hesitate to call "bug". Asmita asked Tenma if Athena has lost her mind and if perhaps the truth of this Holy War is on the side of Hades . Tenma is enraged to think that Asmita is willing to betray Athena and Pegasus launches Ryūseiken technique, in which the Gold Saint repels no problem with the deployment of its cosmos.

Using Kofuku Tenma, Asmita launches Pegasus into the lake of blood and reveals, to his disbelief, the Saint of Pegasus is closely linked to Hades from mythological times and was the only one who has come to hurt the god Underworld, which makes him a heretic, a sinner and the great enemy of the gods. Tenma refuses to listen to Asmita and tries to attack him again, but again its not reaching impact blows on his opponent. In response, Asmita refocuses its cosmos until Tenma get to see behind him a huge Buddha figure that makes Tenma think the Virgo Asmita is also a god. Asmita replies that he is only a traveler in search of truth, and therefore it wants to know what their motivations are. Tenma said that as Saint of Athena, he fights for Peace on Earth, Asmita justification considered poor while the view that Hades is right to try to sow death in the world, because it has become a rather unfair, ruthless and full of suffering. Through its technical Rikudo Rinne, Asmita proposes sending Tenma one of the six existing worlds according to Buddhist philosophy. In the world of the gods, Virgo Asmita shows Tenma a view of the body's fight against the original Hades the mythological age.

Tenma refuses to believe that his destiny and that of Alone and Sasha already written and assured that the promise made ​​in the past three at this time will prevent a repeat of the previous result of holy wars, is relaunching its meteors Asmita. This stops the attack again, outlines a half smile and praise the strength of the heart of Tenma abandoning the lotus position and standing. After that, Asmita launches the most powerful technique with which has a Saint of Virgo, the Tenbu Horin , which begins with the senses of Tenma withdraw while asking if the reasons for their struggle are the desire of combat, the survival instinct or the lives of their loved ones. Asmita Removes Tenma five senses and, before Tenma delete  thinking also makes seeing inside her mind, as it has done with his conscience, so will the life of Athena.Asmita  vision Tenma of murdering Sasha reacted with unprecedented anger, allowing display their cosmos and reach for a brief moment the Seventh Sense , by which gains access to Asmita and hit him. Just then, Asmita disappears and reveals that Virgo was not physically in that place. The body has attacked with all his strength Tenma was Mokurenji tree that drops off before breaking into pieces. Making a noise in the ears of Tenma, Asmita just recognizing the value of the logic of Pegasus and tells him collect 108 fruits and carry the old Master Jamir.

The Demon of Kanon Island

Tenma is very aware of the sacrifice of Asmita and its vital role, not only to the Holy War, but also the development of the Cloth of Pegasus. What does not come to suspect then that the spirit is manifest Virgo through the blood shed in the Cloth while he is unconscious , after the colossal effort to have stopped the eruption of Kanon Island . The strange being who has trained this extremely harsh to Tenma and has earned the nickname "Demon of Kanon Island" is none other than Gemini Defteros, who has a brief conversation Asmita. The late Virgo Asmita reveals Defteros that it has been manifest in that way having reached the Eighth Sense, but they still need someone dead fight instead. Calling friend, Asmita Asks Defteros  who joins the fight as soon as possible, doing something that would end shortly after wearing the Cloth of Gemini.


Virgo Saint is one of the most powerful warriors of the Sanctuary, respected and even feared by some of his own colleagues. By having one of the most massive cosmos, Asmita has earned the nickname "man closest to a god." Not only is a master in the domain of the Seventh Sense, but is also the only one of his generation who so far has managed to develop the Eighth Sense. It is said of him that can move at will through space, the different worlds, as if to stop time in another dimension as Yomotsu, where the laws of physics do not apply, like Shaka, Asmita can enter into communion with Buddha during his meditation.

Unlike how other Gold Saints fight, Asmita does not use commonly direct attacks, but the use of deceptive or mental techniques, which are based on Hindu and Buddhist traditions. He has also been shown to possess highly developed powers of telekinesis and telepathy. Of all Saints of Athena known in the generation of The Lost Canvas, the Virgo is the one with a largest number of special techniques, both pure combat as more focused on defense, totaling seven.


  • Kān (カーン)
  • Ōm (オーム)
  • Tenma Kōfuku (天魔降伏)
  • Rikudō Rinne (六道輪廻)
  • Tenbu Hōrin (天舞宝輪)
  • Tenkū Haja Chimimōryō (天空覇邪魑魅魍魎)
  • Gōma In (降魔印)