Virgo Cloth is the cloth of the Saint Shaka in Saint Seiya, Asmita in Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas and Shijima in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. It is one of the highest-class clothes that Athena's Saints wield, the Gold Clothes.


In Greek mythology, the Virgo Constellation is associated with the goddess of wheat, Demeter. It can also be associated with the virgin goddess Dike, representing Justice. A more well-known myth behind this constellation is that it represents Astraea, a goddess of purity and the daughter of Zeus and the Titaness Themis. After the atrocities committed during the Trojan War, the gods began to withdraw from the world and abandon mankind. Of all the gods, Astraea was the last to leave, but her image remained among the stars as a symbol that she would one day return.


Saint Seiya[]

Virgo Shaka was the Guardian of the sixth house of Sanctuary. He is known as "the man closest to the gods", due to his pious manners, but also to his impressive power. He is also known for never opening his eyes, and everyone in the Sanctuary knows that disaster would befall on the one who would force him to do so.

Even after Ikki, Shaka's opponent in the Sixth, opens himself to the seventh sense and appear to kill both of them in a suicidal attack, the cloth does not seem to have taken any damage, and just stays in the Virgo House until Shaka's return.

It is last seen during the Hades Arc, not only when all the Gold Saints are united to break the Wailing Wall, but also as one of the Clothes sent to the Bronze Saints by Poseidon. It will be used by Andromeda Shun only long enough to be reduced to pieces by Thanatos, God of Death.

The Lost Canvas[]

Virgo Asmita is the guardian of the sixth House of Sanctuary. A reclusive Saint, he is seen with suspicion by the other Gold Saints. A blind man, he is known to be a good judge of people, feeling things other people cannot see. But he also wears the title of "man closest to the gods", as well as the reputation of being one of the most powerful Saints of the time.

He is known to be the only Saint mastering the eighth sense, which he will use to create the 108 bead rosary needed to defeat Hades's Army, giving up his life in order to give his cosmos to it.

Next Dimension[]

Virgo Shijima is the guardian of the sixth House of Sanctuary. Known as "the man of silence" as well as "the man closest to the gods", he is a powerful and faithful Saint, master of psychic techniques and telekinesis, using it to communicate without talking.

He will save Athena's life at the risk of his own, using his powers to get her away from harm and try to warn the other Saints of the danger which has befallen upon them.


This is the form the Virgo Gold Cloth takes during the original Saint Seiya series. The Cloth was first seen when Shaka comes to Death Queen Island, to meet the master of the Black Saints (in chapter 18, vol.5 of the manga). The Virgo Saint is the first of the Gold Saints to reveal his status. Like most Gold Cloth's original forms, it covers most of the body in a golden armor with a complete helmet. It count with highly sophisticated details making a very elegant look to the owner. Many Virgo Saints however display of habit of openly forgoing the cloth's helmet when in battle.

The Cloth was last seen in Hades, one of the five Gold Cloths sent to Elyseum by Poseidon, and destroyed by Thanatos.