Virgo Fudō (乙女座(バルゴ)のフドウ, Barugo no Fudō) is the Virgo Gold Saint in the era of Omega. Fudō is the guardian of sixth temple, and he is a friend and devout follower of Mars. Fudō is the Gold Saint Governing Punishment and Salvation and can use the element of Fire.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)

In The Past

Myōō looks like the reincarnation of Fudō myōō. Always in his own words, it was once someone fully dedicated to the betterment of his fellow, but over time, through humanity eventually disgust thereof and adopted the ideals extremists Mars.Fudō and Mars are defined as old friends. However, it is not clear whether this friendship existed before Ludwig became the god of war.

New Battle 12 Zodiac House

During the fifth hour of the conflict, Sōma and Haruto.are the first to reach the house of the Virgin and thus meet his intimidating goalkeeper. Young Saints are determined to cross the mansion, a fight begins inevitably. They quickly got in trouble - while their opponent does not even wear his Cloth - and owe their salvation to the simultaneous arrival of Kōga, Yuna,Ryuho . But even by putting five and provided with a fierce stubbornness, they continue to have problems: they just manage to force Fudo coating protection and actually deploy the Cosmo. When he is about to complete, Eden comes to save them.

As Fudo was surprised at the presence here of the son of Mars, the latter retorted that he came to defeat and became an opponent of his father , whom he wants to open his eyes. The battle begins between the two logically Saints , and that of Fudo not long to notice that his opponent is not enduring motivated by anger toward his father. Eden says he is driven by his regrets.Fudo 's hard to understand that this could become a force . To upgrade to the will generated by his opponent and at the same time try to understand it, so he decides to fight at maximum power , taking his third and final form . But the determination of Eden did not fail , and once it has expelled the other Bronze Saints temple , the duel starts over again .

While Fudo render judgment in launching its Bodai Shogo , Eden wakes the Seventh Sense and pushes with his Orion's Devastation . Fudo decided to let it pass and observe the situation , to see that the son or father will build a fairer world.

Battle Of Planet Mars

While the process of destruction of the Earth is initiated (following the expiration of twelve hours) myōō went in the seventh house guarded by Genbu. They are joined by Kiki and Harbinger. The four Gold Saints then join Cosmo to allow Sōma, Yuna, Ryuho and Haruto to Mars. Afterwards, the quartet devotes its energy to delay the destruction of the Earth.

Chronology (Pallas-Hen)

New War

After the war, Fudo rallied Athena. A new threat - personified by Pallas - does not take long to appear. With other Gold Saints survivors Fudo is responsible for the protection of his divinity. While attacks Pallasites worldwide are increasing, Athena instructed to intervene. Shortly thereafter, he was present at the gathering of the Saints in the Sanctuary, a prelude to their entry into the war.

Battle Of Pallas Belda

Fudo is present when Seiya brings Saori unconscious after the latter sold a part of his life to achieve locate the hideout of Pallas.Like other Gold Saints - except Seiya - The Lady is recorded in the sacred area , always with the aim to protect Athena.

He talks with Athena on the chances of their camp and declares that the Saints must awaken to the Omega if they want to have a chance against the most powerful Pallasites .Saori health continues to deteriorate and she lost consciousness again , to the chagrin of her golden guards. Faced with the impatience of Harbinger - which suggests to destroy the twisted strap linking their goddess Pallas or even go to the battlefield to lend a hand to their fellow - Fudo responds each time keeping a cool head : get rid of the bracelet could lead to worse effects and risk a face- to-face with senior Pallasites would prove risky , given their supposed power . Nevertheless, Fudo is convinced that their time will come , and he also knows that the Saints Legendary will not delay taking action .

When he awoke , the deity decides to invoke again the Cloth . Then escorted Golden trio, she went to Pallas Belda . Like its peers, Fudo defeated several enemy soldiers before Athena addresses his troops for their commitment to report their side.Thereafter, Harbinger and Fudo continue to protect the goddess on the way to Castle Pallas , defeating several soldiers in the process. Fudo reached well as the Gate of Time and becomes part of the Saints that transmit forces to Kōga , saving the lives of one and also allowing him to destroy the obstacle.

Pallas Castle Gate

Shortly after entering the castle of his enemy , the army apostrophée by Europe. that introduces them to four possible routes to Pallas. Fudo continues to escort Athena, taking the road of Vanaheimr .

Battle Of Pallas Castle

During most of the way , Fudo has a very limited participation to events , merely basically a spectator events and to share their questions and personal concerns ( regarding the choice of Athena and interest the preservation of the Earth) to Seiya and Saori especially . Thus, while his peers secure the passage by defeating enemy soldiers Fudo remains behind to provide close protection of Athena, support her grueling walk and converse with her . Likewise, when other members of the group face frontally Great Sword Gallia  it only intervenes to protect Athena.

The Heavenly King following barring their road Great Sword Hyperion . After several unsuccessful some of his companions,Fudo attacks - finally released his doubts - terminates his passive attitude and decides to stay behind to fight Hyperion Shiryu and Kiki imitate . . Despite its numerical superiority, the trio continues to wipe failure to another and soon resolves to use the Athena Exclamation . Thanks to the post- mortem intervention Genbu - via the Cloth of Libra - the Gold Saints get the advantage and manage to destroy the weapon of their opponent, apparently at the cost of their lives.

Final Wars Againt Saturn

Fudo and other Saints while feeling the fading cosmo of Seiya and bronze saints. Saturn uses the Chrono Eternal Conclusion that freezes the whole time the inhabitants of the Earth.When all seems lost, Athena gathers the Cosmo of all the other Saints,Titan and Pallas to restore Koga, who rises again as the Super Omega Saint, determined to stop the God of Time once and for all.


After Koga's clash against Saturn, peace is established as the humans begin to rebuild everything after the War. Athena names Harbinger the new Pope of Sanctuary which Harbinger reluctantly accepts after failing to convince Kiki, Fudo, and Integra to take his place as Pope. When the three Gold Saints refuse to take the Pope's mantle, Harbinger accepts his fate and warns them that he will make everyone work hard.


  • Noumaku Sanmanda Bazaradan Kan : Fudō uses the sword in his possession and throws a flurry of cosmos on the floor, where opponents are involved in an explosion, which takes the form of a pillar of fire, burning opponents.
  • Shogyō Danzai (諸行断罪) : Fudō throws the rope on enemy so holding, squeezing more and more if he tries to escape. The ends of the rope are fastened to the floor, to avoid that the victims may make some movement.
  • Shōji Sokunehan (生死即涅槃) : While keeping enemies at Shougyou Danzai tied, the ropes tighten and burn. Fudou, at the same time, raises his sword and blade Myoo Fudo appears and slashes enemies.
  • Myōō Rairin (明王来臨): When cast it, Fudō palms together in prayer form evoking the figure of the Five Kings of wisdom behind it to judge opponents, creating a powerful wall of the cosmo. By saying the word "Kahn", the Kings release their eyes a series of red energy beams that generate an explosion, causing his opponents rise in the air, and they get stuck in a circle of energy that then shoot beams ray, which take the form of spears, which directly affect the heart of those who are prisoners of the technique.
  • Bodai Shōgo (菩提証悟)
  • Ōm (オーム) : The Virgo Saint used this mantra to blow his cosmos before resorting to an arcane as Tenma Koufuku.
  • Kān (カーン): The Virgo Saint pronounce this mantra to ward off enemy attacks. When Shun attacks Virgo Shaka in the Six Zodiac House, Shaka stops Nebula Chain and returns to Andromeda Shun by this attack. In Hades Chapter Shaka creates around him a protective sphere, durable enough to withstand a few moments combined attacks Saga , Camus and Shura. In Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, Virgo Asmita also uses this move and create a barrier against Pegasus Tenma attacks.


Virgo is one of the constellations of the zodiac. Its name is Latin for virgin, and its symbol is (Unicode ♍). Lying between Leo to the west and Libra to the east, it is the second largest constellation in the sky (after Hydra). It can be easily found through its brightest star, Spica.


Fudou wearing the new version of the Virgo Cloth, formerly used by Shaka. The new virgo cloth presents several changes from the original, such as the reduction of the shoulders that projected on the chest, and the addition of large elbow and knee pads. The cloth has large tipped feet that, and the cape has been replaced with a hemas that floats above Fudou's head. Fudou has yet to be seen wearing the cloth's helmet.

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