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Virgo Shijima (乙女座(バルゴ)のシジマ, Barugo no Shijima) is the Virgo Gold Saint in the 18th century in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. Called "the silent man" and also, like his successor in the 20th century, known as "the man who is almost a god", Shijima is regarded as the most righteous man among Athena's Saints.

Plot (Next Dimension)

The Arrival Of Athena

Virgo Shijima and Izō communicates with Ox and asks them if they know the place where Athena. During this time, it is noteworthy that, Shijima is mentioned the man closest to God as the powerful Saints Capricorn and Taurus having here a relationship between the two saints of Virgo we know so far in the canon universe. Subsequently, Shijima says he feels that the goddess to worship and protect come from some distant and alien space-time, as the great cosmos of Athena approaches its dimension.

Ox and Izō still grieving and worried, because Athena was not his time to this, Shijima told not fuss and do not despair, Athena arrived without fail for battle against Hades that is increasingly more likely to become nascent.

Shijima, Capricorn and Taurus suddenly feel the cosmos of Athena is coming to the sacred shrine, and the three Saints belonging to the elite of the 88, and perceive the divine cosmos imposing its beautiful goddess, who has landed his not much less divine temple. Gold Saints are directed swiftly coming to witness the sacred with their own eyes, however, inside Shijima owns a strange feeling, a feeling not entirely pleasant. He, Ox and Izōu reach the Temple of Athena, and are converted into a helpless and totally innocent drinks, a raw and humorous mockery of fate, or the gods, rather. Shijima mentions that, despite being just a baby, his gigantic cosmos is, itself one of the most powerful gods, able to measure themselves against Hades in the coming war. Suddenly, it appears the Pope says not to approach it, to return to their temples that the army of Hades is not slow in coming, despite woven malice behind these words was anything certain thought of this mysterious character.

The Betrayal Of Pope

Athena meets Shijima

He mentions to Taurus Ox and Capricorn Izō that he has felt Athena's Cosmo from the future, coming near to the time dimension they live in.Soon enough Athena descends to the sanctuary in a crash, the Saints hurry up to Athena's statue at the top of Sanctuary where the Goddess Cosmo impacted. There they find an infant Athena sleeping in a small crater. Shijima goes forward and is about to pick up the goddess when the Pope appears telling them to step back. As the pope picks the baby up in his arms he orders the Gold Saints to return to their temples. On the way down, Shijima senses something bad and heads back to Athena's statue, where the Pope is about to stab the baby Athena with a dagger. Shijima pulls the baby away and at the same time Pisces Cardinale appears. The Pisces Saint first questions the Pope's wrongdoings but attacks Shijima with a deadly Bloody Rose, making Shijima fall to the ground, who later recovers and flees to protect Athena. He is currently between the Pope's chambers and the Pisces temple.

The Labyrinth Of God

Shijima is in the Temple of the Pope, but can not cross the Temple for more to run, even though his impetuosity ruege do. He suspects that the Pope could have left him in a trap. And actually discovered this in God Labyrinth , a labyrinth from which neither can escape the gods. Shijima says this is the work of Pope and that he can not escape the Labyrinth with Athena.

Four doors of the Buddha

Garuda Suikyo arrived in the 6th house of the Virgin is blocked by the powerful defensive barrier created by Shijima, which puts forward the four gates of the Buddha. The door of the disease, old age, life, death, representing the path of the Buddha to illumination. To overcome this barrier, powerful force to choose one of the four ports, which have different powers. The door of the disease makes seriously ill, the door of old age makes it old, the gates of death "kills", the door of life takes away the soul from the body. Suikyo to overcome this powerful barrier, seriously risks his life, but is saved by the cosmos of Athena.

Shijima VS Cardinale

Inside the Shrine of Atena, Cardinale reaches Shijima. The gold saint of the Pisces attacks him twice with his technique Dagger Roses, but the gold saint of the Virgin avoids the roses using powerful illusions. Then Shijima stop the duel, telling the terrible prophecy is about to happen, which concerns the thirteenth evil gold saint, Ophiuchus.

Shijima VS Shaka

Tenma and Shun entered in the 6th house, are affected by the deadly barrier of Shijima (4 ports of buddha), but their help comes in the spirit of Virgo Shaka (gold saint of the twentieth century) that comes from "cloth" of Andromeda. The spirit of Shijima place to protect the house of the virgin at this point launches the most powerful technique of the virgin, the Tenbu Hōrin, but also the spirit of Shaka fights back using the Tenbu Hōrin. Shijima at this point use "Ungyō"(the sound from the end of universe), but Shaka is using "Agyō"(the light symbol of the birth of the universe), the clash between the two powers triggers an endless battle. Shun intervenes is blocking the duel. Shijima Shaka and realize they are on the same side, is Shaka asks Shijima to release Tenma and Shun from 6th house, revealing also that Shun will be his successor, heir to the gold cloth of the virgin. The spirit of Shaka then returns to Nirvana. At the top the Sanctuary, Shijima falls to the ground exhausted, revealing that Shaka is the gold saint of the Virgin most powerful ever existed. Cardinal took the opportunity to take Athena. But Saori/Athena, thanks to his cosmos, grows, it becomes a child, then using his divine cosmos(heals Shijima the wounds) is defeated Cardinal. Then, using the Ariadne's Thread of Cardinal, try to get out of the maze.

Shijima in 12th and 11th House of the zodiac

While Shijima and Athena are in the labyrinth of the gods, are sucked into a time warp, and meets for a few seconds the souls 12 Gold Saint of the twentieth century. Shijima promises him to protect Athena. Then the two make their way to the 12th House of Pisces which is full of red roses poisonous (Royal Demon Rose), but also of venomous snakes. Shijima kills many snakes, however the snake Samael bites Athena, is his poison to kill in a short time, it is the only one who can save is the supreme Odysseus, the legendary 13th gold saint. Shijima picks her Athena, is heading to the house of Ophiuchus, crossing the 12th house, however, is poisoned by the poisonous roses, therefore, reaches 11th home Aquarium, delivery Saori to Mystoria Aquarius and Cygnus Hyoga.

Shijima and Phoenix Ikki and Odysseus

Chased he collides(at the sixth house of the Virgin) with Ikki Phoenix and Odysseus of Ophiuchus. It is learned that Shijima was trained in the hard precepts of Buddhism(for a thousand days Shijima he was an ascetic), when he was a child on the river Ganges in India (just like his successor Shaka), thus becoming a "man close to the gods". Shijima being a faithful Saints of Athena, attacks his two adversaries with his techniques, putting them in serious difficulty but in the end he is asleep by Odysseus with the "law of awakening".

Technique and ability



  • Tenbu Hōrin (天舞宝輪, lit. Treasures of Heavens): Shijima's most powerful move, it is an offensive and defensive combined technique. Vairocana is showing his gesture inside Mandala pattern. Not only does it trap and defang his victims, but it also deprives and wipes out their five senses through Dai Ikkan/Nikan/Sankan/Yonkan/Gokan Hakudatsu (literally means "Removal of the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th senses"). Essentially reduces Shijima's victims to living corpses by stopping the main functions of the brain that allows the body to think, also called the 6th sense. The offensive power of this attack is so destructive that it can easily destroy the cloth of the opponent. Who is affected by this technique it can not attack or flee.
  • Ungyō (吽形): the sound from the end of universe, through this power Shijima engulf the opponent in darkness that sends in another dimension.
  • Zone of Silence: a power of Shijima that is activated in the house of the Virgin. The enemy due to this zone devoid of sounds becomes deaf and then slowly becomes crazy.
  • Tenma Kōfuku (天魔降伏 Tenma Kōfuku, literally meaning "Demon Pacifier"): Expands his Cosmos in a huge blast with the essences of buddhist lotus and 'Death on a pale horse' which is ridden by a girl, it's a very powerful blow.


  • Named after the Shijima, the Buddhist philosophy of stillness, silence and oneness.
  • Being a Knight of the virgin he has the 8th sense that allows him to enter the hades while alive.
  • Unlike his successor Shaka, Shijima is not the guardian of the Six worlds of Samsara.
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