Volans Argo (飛び魚座のアルゴ, Tobi'uo-za no Arugo)is a Saint Apprentice, fellow student of Kōga and Sōma, to whom he is hostile. Argo can use the element of Water.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)

Argo is one of the Palaestra students to participate in the selection tests that enable the Saints to enter the Saint Fight tournament. Before the start of testing messes with Souma , as the father of a loser he is considered by some people, because he was killed despite being a Silver Saints . Souma loses his temper and starts a battle with Argo, but are interrupted by the Geki . Later Souma Argo waits near a river, attacking him and his companion, Koga , causing the river to fall Souma, although well aware that Souma not swim well. Shortly after Argo gets complete selection tests on time, but the teacher announces Geki Argo watched what he did to Souma, so disqualifies Argo as disloyalty is not peculiar to the Saints. Argo tries once again to face Souma, who because of his disqualification, but Soma decides to ignore him. Argo does not reappear on the scene, so it is unknown if the Palaestra was in when it was invaded by Martians , and if now is part of the backbone of the Babel Tower that absorbs the cosmo of the Saints.


Volans, the flying fish is a constellation that can only be seen practically from sites located in the southern hemisphere land (except for some places in the northern hemisphere, close to Ecuador). This was one of the creations of the Dutch navigators Pieter Keyser and Frederick Dirkszoon de Houtman between 1595 and 1597. It first appeared on star maps prepared by the German astronomer Johann Bayer published in Uranometria (1603).