Wolf Nachi (狼星座(ウルフ)の那智, Urufu no Nachi)  is one of the Bronze Saints.

Chronolgy (86)

Early life

Nachi as Child

Nachi is one of the 100 orphans that were brought into Graude Foundation to fulfill a project -- to be trained into becoming future Saints for the goddess Athena. Only 10 of the children survived the entire process, and they grew up to become Bronze Saints.

In the original manga, it is was revealed that all 100 orphans were actually half brothers, with their father being Mitsumasa Kido, the man they have grown to despise for tearing them from their happy homes.

After some time living and training at the orphanage, the orphans were selected to different places all over the world and sent by Mitsumasa Kido to train and bring back the saint cloth in order to protect his foster granddaughter, Saori.

Nachi picked the ticket to Liberia, were he trained for 6 years until finally obtaining the Wolf Cloth.

Galaxian Wars

Nachi defeated by Ikki

Nachi later returned to Japan to participate in Saori Kido's Galaxian Wars, a tournament to get the Sagittarius Golden Cloth. His match had first been postsponed because of Phoenix Ikki who had not arrived yet. Later as the Phoenix appeared, Nachi demanded his fight with him. But since Ikki came to the tournament for something else, he attacked Nachi with his "Genma Ken". Nachi thought he was being ripped to pieces due to Ikki's illusion, as was his psyche for some time after losing the battle.

Sanctuary Arc

Nachi, in a color illustration from the manga, drawing by the author Masami Kurumada.

After having lost in the tournament, he went back to Liberia to further progress in his training.

He later came back and with the other 4 Bronze Saints, Jabu, Ichi, Ban and Geki and headed for the Sanctuary. There they defended Tatsumi and the comatose Athena against the soldiers of the sanctuary, and stayed with them until Gold Saint Gemini Saga, the false Pope of Sanctuary, had been defeated.

Asgard Arc

Poseidon Arc

Chronology (OAVs Hades)

Nachi along with Ichi had been appointed to commanders over the Sanctuary guards and takes their job seriously. But as the dead Silver Saints started appearing and they realized their attacks don't work so well, they are saved by Jabu. Later he appears to protect Seika from Thanatos, and risks his life in doing so.

Chronology (Omega)

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Dead Howling (デッドハウリング, Deddo Hauringu): A fast attack on the impulse of the fist in the air projected sharp angles that pierce the enemy creating large internal cuts.

Cloth & Constellation

Predecessor and successor



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  • The kanji for his name, 那智, mean literally "What" the first, and "Wisdom", the second. So, it is very likely that Masami Kurumada used them phonetically only, without an intended or implicit meaning.
  • Nachi's personality is very calm and easy-going.
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