Wolf Yoshitomi (狼座(ウルフ)の芳臣, Urufu no Yoshitomi) is the Bronze Saint in the constellation Lupus before Saint Seiya Omega Era. Yoshitomi can use the element of earth.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)

In The Past

Yoshitomi with the young Haruto

Yoshitomi befriended Wolf Haruto , who became both his best friend, "brother" and student, shortly after. When Yoshitomi revealed that his dream was to become a Saint of Athena and so had to leave the clan and the village, Haruto wanted to follow him but he said no, because his place was there with the others.

The death

Yoshitomi, returned wounded for help because he had discovered that an evil plot is orchestrated in Palaestra and if not stopped both the world and Athena would be at risk. The clan rejected this request becuase he abandoned them and so no longer obliged to help him. After that he would meet with Haruto, until suddenly at 9:17 pm Tokisada showed up and became locked in struggle with Yoshitomi, with a clash between the two techniques, Yoshitomi is finally killed.

During the Holy War

"Yoshitomi" faces Haruto

When Wolf Haruto was swallowed by the darkness of the fight between Pegasus Kōga and Orion Eden and finds the dark appearance of Yoshitomi starting the battle, where feelings of Haruto was not allowed to fight his old friend, the latter had the advantage not fought since Haruto finally defeated by Haruto Yoshitomi.


  • Jūmonji Ganseki Kuzushi (十文字岩石崩し): A technique that releases to the target rock formed by several shurikens.
  • Hōkō Tenrō Kuzushi (咆哮天狼崩し): This technique causes the ground to rise and form rocks are launched against the enemy.

Predecessors and successors


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  • Yoshitomi means "bright" and "brave" in Japanese.
  • The memory of Yoshitomi was to be used later by the Darkness Ruins against Haruto to torture him with the idea that he left his friend to his fate, but it was not the real Yoshitomi.
  • Yoshitomi uses no element or any technique during his battle Yoshitomi, but when the Darkness Ruins took shape, used the earth element and the techniques mentioned in this tab, which incidentally are two of the techniques used also Haruto. It is unknown whether the true Yoshitomi had these skills.
  • Season 1 implies he had some sort of connection to Silver Saint Horologium Tokisada, although this is never revisited or resolved.
  • Although his name is mentioned several times in the credits listed as "anija(兄者)", which is what Haruto called him as a child, meaning "older brother". It is an affectionate term merely because it was not his real brother.
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